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Emma H
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She worked at the Roskamp Institute, a medical research facility in Florida, for two years writing articles and research briefs. While she mainly covered neurodegenerative diseases, she also worked with traumatic brain injury material and overall illness prevention material.

Secondly, she has worked for about a year at the Lowe Institute of Political Economy as a writer. At the Lowe she writes research briefs and articles covering their research. Her writing is then published in informational pamphlets, so she have experience in both digesting and summarizing complicated material, as well as in conveying that material at a level non-industry readers will understand. Additionally, at the Lowe she has written many articles based on interviews she personally conducted as well as several transcripts of interviews.

She has worked for half of a year with the Center for Writing and Public Discourse at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. She works as a tutor, focusing on idea generation, organization, and proofreading.

Lastly, Emma has written creatively for years. She won an American Voices medal in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and was later published in a collection of winning works. She has pieces published or forthcoming in Discourse, 49 Pages, and The Adroit Journal. This passion in creative writing led to her involvement in several literary magazines, most notably The Blueshift Journal, where she's worked for three years. Within Blueshift, she worked her way up from an intern position to Prose Editor. Her responsibilities include managing submissions, choosing content, line editing, and producing creative non-fiction for Blueshift's blog.
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Her specialties are medical writing and economic writing, namely focusing on research or technical aspects of the disciplines. She has particular experience with econometrics research and research pertaining to neurodegenerative diseases. She is additionally very experienced in line and content editing.


Her interests range from creative writing to how we teach kids to write in school, and how we could do a better job of cultivating the fundamentals of communication. At a base level, she is very passionate about communication, and how we can manipulate our language to serve us most effectively in expressing our ideas.


Claremont McKenna College

Emma studied International Relations and Economics at Claremont McKenna College. She focused on German and security studies outside of her major. She was heavily involved with Discourse, the on-campus literary magazine, and the Mock Trial team.


15 Projects Completed

Emma worked with a medical research facility in southern Florida for two years writing article summaries and research briefs specifically on the topics of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Within her work, she has covered both pharmaceutical research, physical therapy suggestions, monetary ramifications of the diseases, and pathology. She has written numerous explanatory guides for new patients, ranging from explanations of all available medications, risk factors for various diseases, women and Alzheimer's, and the intersection of genetics and Alzheimer's disease.


3 Projects Completed

Emma has worked with the Lowe Institute, a think tank focusing on political economy research. Her particular work focused on profiling and summarizing fractional banking research. She has extensive experience receiving complex data, both physical data and data from economic models, and writing coherent articles that profile the research and explain the constructive conclusions being reached by the researchers. She can receive rough data and complicated information, then synthesize it to explain and sell the material to non-industry individuals.

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3 Projects Completed

Emma has worked with the Blueshift Journal's blog to write both creative non-fiction blog posts as well as blog post covering prescient issues for the millennial community. Behind the scenes, she has also brainstormed and facilitated the creation of other blog posts ranging from personal essays to interviews.


1 Projects Completed

Emma is an Appel Fellow, meaning she has received funding from her alma mater to attend workshops and work extensively on an historical fiction novel following the life of Che Guevara through the Cuban Revolution. This project involves copy editing, creation of material ranging from paragraphs here and there to entire chapters, and finally to researching the historical event at hand.


0 Projects Completed

Emma has worked extensively in writing articles regarding research and innovation in technical fields. These fields range from economics to medicine, focusing mainly on computational economics research and research regarding neurodegenerative diseases.

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