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"Elizabeth has a thoughtful, well structured and informative writing style! She was able to deliver numerous rich/accurate blog articles per week concerning web design and marketing within the health industry. She also has great judgment when making writing decisions as well as articulating those decisions with you! Truly Professional and amazing writer!"

Rest assured that by hiring Elizabeth, you gain a dedicated researcher who provides new and returning clients with outstanding written content. She incorporates SEO strategies in her writing to improve online visibility through quality web copy, articles, and blog posts. Elizabeth believes that communication is one of the keys to building solid client/writer relationships. She is easy to work with and follows project directions to the letter. It is the quality of her work that attracts and retains both new and returning clients.

Elizabeth is a curator of words whether on the page or in the conference room. She spent most of her adult life in public education fighting for developmentally appropriate education as a classroom teacher and reading specialist. She is well-versed in compiling data and creating special reports for various educational institutions.
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Elizabeth is passionate about education and the effects of culture and poverty on student achievement. She has done extensive research on the difference between generational and working class poverty and has found the impact of generational poverty on the developing brains of young children to be heart-wrenching. Elizabeth writes material with sensitivity and tact to educate teachers, administrators and the general public on these issues.

During college, Elizabeth spent almost two years as a nursing assistant in a private 30-bed hospital. This experience gave her an appreciation of the challenges faced by medical professionals. As a result of her experience, she regularly researches topics related to the health and well-being of her family. Asthma, allergies, orthodontics, and pain management​ are specific areas of interest as they play a role in her family members' lives.

Because she does not believe in living vicariously through her children, Elizabeth took up hockey after a stint as a competitive figure skater as a mature adult. She brings a unique perspective to parenting blogs and publications for a multitude of reasons. Raising children who look different than their parents demands diligence and a cultural awareness many people avoid. With a sense of humor in her back pocket, she tackles issues one question at a time.


Playing hockey, keeping the children alive and reading sci-fi/fantasy are some of Elizabeth's current interests. She is continually on the lookout for good homeschool curriculum but often creates her own eclectic batch. Besides being outside working in her woodshop, she enjoys swimming and hanging out at state parks while hockey is out of season.

Other interests include natural/holistic remedies, the use of non-toxic cleaners for both body and home, and clean eating. Elizabeth is a work in progress. Her intentions are pure as her interest stems from the desire to protect her family. She researches recipes for DIY cleaners and uses her home as the testing site. On that note, she wishes to share that not all homemade deodorant is created equal.

Elizabeth is a pet lover who magically acquires furry critters others have abandoned at the horse barn up the road. She believes animals deserve love too. Due to how most of her animals come to find her, there is usually extra time and attention needed to house train new family members, which ties into the homemade cleaning products mentioned above.


Longwood University

The Literacy and Culture program brought many oft ignored educational topics to the forefront. Beth studied the affects of poverty, culture and cognitive development on educational achievement. At the end of the program, she was an endorsed reading specialist and literacy coach.

State University of New York College at Potsdam

Beth completed her dual major in French and elementary education. Both would serve her well in the future. Though she briefly taught French in Upstate New York, her heart was in the south and elementary education.


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Health is a broad industry. Much of Elizbeth's written work has been in the form of blog posts and articles on various medical and dental procedures. She has long been interested in the impact processed foods and chemical additives (dyes, etc.) have on health and brain development. Elizabeth's strength lies in her ability to diligently research any health related topic to provide clients with copy that will benefit their audience.

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Medical and dental marketing blog posts and articles written by Elizabeth grace the pages of some of the best online marketing specialists in the Southwest. She does diligent research on specific topics to be covered and makes the information accessible to the target audience. Elizabeth has written on the importance of ROI and conversion rates for medical professionals.

She also crafts articles and blog posts on the impact of user-friendly websites for non-profit agencies. Elizabeth promotes the idea that client websites need to be accessible on multiple devices. She recognizes the importance of staying current on popular search engine algorithms to? create organic content that will be visible to potential clients.


92 Projects Completed

Elizabeth has written dozens of dental and medical blog posts for the health industry. She has met and exceeded expectations on topics ranging from dental x-rays and impacted cuspids to wedding dentistry. Elizabeth conveys dental and medical services and procedures in ways that make current and prospective patients feel comfortable.


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Elizabeth writes blog posts for clients on a wide variety of beauty topics. Posts on sugar scrubs provide readers with recipes which use ingredients found in most kitchens. DIY face mask recipes in another post supply the benefits of the chosen ingredients. Elizabeth enjoys writing about natural and organic skin and haircare since she often has trouble with harsh chemicals.

She does diligent research on new products and their benefits to provide the audience with up-to-date information. Beauty is not just a facial thing. Elizabeth has written about topics ranging from skincare for feet to hair repair and fall makeup trends. If quality content that engages readers is important, send Elizabeth a message.


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Elizabeth excels at turning tedious data into comprehensive reports which communicate information clearly to the intended audience. On more than one occasion, she rewrote reports for administrators that were later used to impress superintendents and state officials. Elizabeth wrote numerous case studies and debated philosophies of education. She often penned newsletters and invitations along with event flyers for school-wide distribution. Writing tasks frequently included detailed lesson plans for students and training materials for parents and teachers.


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As a parent of a preschooler and a homeschooled high school freshman, Elizabeth's experience with family and kids runs the gamut. She was also the oldest sister in a family with four kids spanning seventeen years. Changing both cloth and disposable diapers has been happening for much of her life. There are currently no children in diapers, but educating a child with special needs with a demanding three-year-old running amok has been a worthy challenge.
Elizabeth has written blog posts on topics ranging from rainy day activities to tips for taking care of children's sensitive skin. She can look at topics from the point of view of the parent or the child. Because kids and families are dynamic forces of nature, it is important to choose a writer who will translate those forces fluently into the written word.

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Blog posts are effective in reaching a wide range of people via technology. Elizabeth has jumped on this bandwagon and created blog posts spanning a wide range of topics. She brought down payment assistance options, healthier floor installation practices, and STEM into view. Her quick wit combined with classical training make just about any topic accessible to the intended audience.

Elizabeth has flourished as a regular contributor for several beauty blogs. She has written about skincare, haircare, make-up, and fashion. Oftentimes, clients choose the topics, though as the client/writer relationship grows, Beth has been trusted to pitch original ideas on which to write.

Another addition to her repertoire are blog posts she has written for clients in the healthcare industry. Elizabeth is capable of finding reliable sources and writing content that benefits medical practitioners by making their blogs informative and inviting.


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During her tenure in public schools, Elizabeth's passion for a developmental approach to education grew from time spent researching the thinkers of the past. The 20th century saw the rise and acceptance of new schools of thought in education. Elizabeth used this research to write articles encourage others in her field to seek that which would best benefit children and parents.

As a professional writer, Elizabeth has written several articles for college preparation sites. She has also branched into web development and marketing. Her research skills have opened new doors into topics related to online marketing, including SEO, AdWords, PPC and the power of social media. Elizabeth researches each subject? until she can provide clients with a fresh angle from which they can present information to their audience.

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Facebook is a place for parents like Elizabeth to share some of the ridiculous things they find themselves doing for the amusement of their children. It is also a great outlet with which one might provide comic relief during tough moments. Elizabeth believes too many people attempt to present their lives as pictures of perfection. This is her attempt to rectify that situation.

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