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While at James Madison University, Brent completed and enjoyed many writing assignments. In these assignments, he has practiced multiple techniques of literary critique including: Formalism, Reader-Response, and New Historicism. These schools of criticism have allowed him to practice a range of formal tones and styles within the environment of academic writing.
He has also finished a minor in creative writing. Taking such creatively intensive courses has helped him to find his voice away from the strict confines of academic writing. Poetry has taught him the value of each individual word. Non-fiction has taught him that we are not as boring as we think we are. Fiction has taught him the skills behind building believable characters that readers care about.
All of the experience gained through each style has bled into one another resulting in confidence and excitement that moves his passion into a professional setting.


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James Madison University

Brent is currently a senior English major who is excited to make his way into the professional realm of writing.


0 Projects Completed

From Brent's portfolio is a literary journalism piece entitled "The Nature of Things". Brent explores the outdoors with the added perspective of nature therapist Darlene Rollins, owner of Fredericksburg, Virginia's Earthwalk Ways. Through thorough research both online and on-site, the piece combats skeptics while also providing examples of Darlene's unconventional career.


0 Projects Completed

From experience and hours of research Brent composed this article about the influence that practiced gratitude can have on an individual's happiness. A conversational tone was implemented to make the reader feel at ease, and a hint of persuasion was included to sell the concept with the goal of helping as many individuals as possible.

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