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Nia's writing has been honored by the National Foundation For Advancement in The Arts, Scholastic, and the National Black Arts Festival. Her services include blogging, article writing, e-book writing, and ghostwriting. She's spent most of her 7 years in the industry working in the nonprofit sector, but she prides herself on her ability to find an amazing story in any endeavor.

Nia is developing new ways to merge teaching and storytelling to validate the ideas of marginalized people. In her Narrative Placemaking Model, students have "conversations" with primary texts to develop critical thinking skills and encourage independent thought.

In the past, Nia has worked as an academic writer, an editor, a grant writer, and a ghost writer. She's certified to teach English as a Second Language and she designed a creative writing curriculum for middle and high school students in the Atlanta area.

She looks forward to telling stories with you soon.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Nia writes facts-driven, digestible articles for blogs and other media outlets. Generally, her work is targeted at small business owners and "startup kids" who are interested in growing their businesses and connecting with other entrepreneurs.


Nia is a working classroom teacher and a life-long learning enthusiast. She teaches adolescents and secondary-school students. Her focus is creating pedagogies for underrepresented students and flexible curriculums for students in the developing world. Nia's Narrative Placemaking Model, which brings students and primary texts together in ways that encourage critical thought and autonomy is currently in use in various private and international schools.


Nia is an experienced travel writer whose work usually appeals to solo women travellers, travellers of color, and young budget-conscious travellers. She is well versed in volunteerism and service-based travel. She has lived in and written about regions of Central America, South America, West Africa, and the North Africa.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Nia writes engaging blog post that aim to inform, engage entertain through masterful storytelling. Her personal work has been featured on multiple travel, literary, business and education blogs and she has ghost written for over a dozen major content companies.


Nia has spent most of her career as a for-hire ebook ghostwriter. She is an expert researcher and meticulous writer. She is particularly adept in a small range of diverse topics including Gardening, Romance, Self Help, English as a Second Language, and Education.

Newsletter Content

Nia writes personalized content for newsletters and direct-mailers. Most of her newsletter experience has been with schools, international nonprofits, and NGOs. Her copy is accessible, informative, motivating and personable. She is dependable and can distribute information to thousands of consumers and supporters at a time.

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