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Michelle was a full time writer for Wolters Kluwer Law and Business health law publications for 11 years. Her work was published in the Medicare and Medicaid Guide,the Healthcare Compliance Reporter, the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law Reporter, Health Law Daily, WK Health Reform Weekly Edge, and the WKLB Health Law Blog. The audience comprised attorneys, healthcare professionals, and managers of healthcare facilities.
Michelle is accustomed to producing short form work under daily deadlines while completing long form articles over an extended period.

Before joining Wolters Kluwer, Michelle practiced law and taught law courses to undergraduates. Her favorite course to teach was Women and the Law. Her happiest moment as a lawyer came when she got a court to order an HMO to pay for a patient's surgery for brain cancer.

Michelle also writes and officiates wedding ceremonies. She performed her first wedding in 2008, and she has married more than 100 couples. She is an experienced public speaker who attained the Competent Conmmunicator level in Toastmasters.


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Michelle wrote many posts for the Wolters Kluwer Health Law blog. They covered current issues at the intersection of law and health care.

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Michelle has deep knowledge of Medicaid, managed care, the Affordable Care Act, and laws governing health care fraud, abuse, and the regulation of food and drugs. Her published work includes explanations of these areas in treatises, short form news stories, and long form articles that explore topics in depth.


Michelle has written many news stories, both short form and long form, on developments in the law. When she practiced law, she wrote pleadings and briefs in cases before courts and administrative agencies. She also wrote or updated portions of treatises, specifically, the Medicare and Medicaid Guide and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law Reporter.


Michelle has written and officiated wedding ceremonies since 2008. She loves celebrating loving relationships and putting people's feelings into words. She has married more than 100 couples.

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Blog Post

Michelle wrote many posts for the Wolters Kluwer Health Law blog. They covered current issues at the intersection of law and health care.

Web Page

Michelle has written copy for her wedding services web site, including promotional material and discussions of options for making the couple's wedding ceremony uniquely theirs.

White Paper

Michelle has written several white papers. One compared state laws that require health insurers to cover contraceptives. Another analyzed states' use of prescription monitoring databases to track and prevent abuse of opioids.

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