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Leigh M
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Joined 6/6/2016
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Leigh is a HubSpot Certified professional freelance writer 10+ years who creates high-performing content for clients while adapting to each unique voice, UVP, and audience. She specializes in Digital Marketing, B2B, Real Estate, Mental Health, Health, Nutrition, and Integrative Wellness and has the experience and expertise to help brands meet their content marketing and SEO KPIs with blog posts, pillars, video scripts, emails, and eBooks.

She thinks strategically about every order she completes, but also offers additional keyword research, search competitor research, content calendar planning, and content strategy services.

Qualifications Highlights:
-HubSpot Certifications in Inbound Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing
- Content Marketing Strategy and Creation (10+ years)
- Corporate Medical Insurance Management (9 yrs)
- High School Teacher (3 yrs)
- MBA level education (Marketing)

She leverages advanced content optimization SaaS tools like Yoast, Grammarly Pro, UberSuggest, Advanced Marketing Institute, Hemingway Editor, and more to deliver polished content ready to meet content objectives. She can further deliver competitive advantage with paid content grading systems like Clearscope, Topic, Surfer, and SEMRush Content tools when clients have these SaaS.

Nearly half of her orders on WA have been "exceeds expectations". If you appreciate her work, please consider adding one or more endorsements and writing a review.
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