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Judy has been writing professionally for 17 years, and her articles on home improvement combine her research skills with accuracy and readability. A retired building contractor, she enjoys writing on topics of interest to homeowners. Judy has written more than a million words in blogs and SEO articles for webmasters.

Focusing on best practices in remodeling, landscaping, roofing and flooring, drainage, pest control and related home maintenance topics, she writes with clarity and appeal. She bases her articles on current trends in construction to provide fresh content. Producing quality articles for websites lets her share her experience through informative tips for homeowners.


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Judy has written hundreds of SEO articles and blogs on home improvement projects. Some of the most frequently requested topics include remodeling, painting, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, and decking. Judy often writes in a company owner’s voice to encourage readers to seek a product or service. She gives advice that assists homeowners with do-it-yourself projects.


Writing for a college, Judy developed a general information article to attract potential students to pursue a degree in psychology. Presenting facts about the kinds of services that a degree holder may provide, she indicated the types of employment that may be available. The article focused on the educational path that students follow to earn an undergraduate degree.

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In response to a request for a post on neckties, Judy researched the origin of the fashion accent. Finding that its history revealed a connection to Louis XIV, she presented a condensed version for a haberdashery. Uniforms worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century provided the inspiration for a colorful adornment around the neck, and Judy connected the history to its acceptance in men's attire today.

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