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Melissa F. has been a freelance writer for ten years, providing copywriting, SEO content, blog writing, white papers, product reviews and descriptions, and editing services for a variety of freelance platforms and private customers. Melissa specializes in topics including parenting, automotive, entertainment, business and finance, legal, and health and wellness. Her love for the written word started at an early age, and she has dedicated her work to this passion. Experienced in marketing, advertising, and content development, Melissa has also expanded her skills into a range of marketing media and content strategy. She currently manages and maintains multiple websites on topics including finance, parenting, and the military veteran experience.

Melissa also works as a design and marketing consultant for a local commercial printing company, where her responsibilities include website design and maintenance, and the design of all marketing materials as well as the implementation of marketing strategy. She is inbound marketing certified and has the ability to identify, entice, and inform a wide range of buyer personas during all stages of the buyer's journey. She continues to improve and refresh her education in the content world to provide her customers with the most up-to-date strategies and content to help move their business in the direction they desire.

Melissa has 15 years of job experience in business finance and is comfortable researching a wide variety of financial and business-related topics ranging from personal finance, to investing, to business taxes. Her extensive financial experience stems from her work in accounting for a small business as well as her content strategy and maintenance of a financial investment website.

When it comes to health and wellness topics, Melissa draws her inspiration not only from her research skills but also from her implementation of healthy living in her daily life and parenting.

Melissa prides herself on her ability to communicate well with her clients, her ability to meet stringent deadline requirements, and her ability to consistently produce quality writing pieces that are engaging for a wide variety of target audiences.

Melissa is married to the love of her life and mother to three beautiful girls ages 23, 15, and 4, as well as two lovable fur-babies. Through her children's lives, she has had the unique benefit of being a young mom, an average age mom, and an older mom, giving her a unique experience that she enjoys sharing with other parents through articles and posts on parenting-related topics.
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Melissa specializes in a variety of writing styles and types including:
SEO Content
Blog Posts
White Papers
Product Descriptions

Her topic specialties include:
Health and Wellness
Home Improvement
Pest Control


Melissa's interests include writing, reading, hiking, yoga, traveling, painting, and design. After being an avid athlete in her youth, Melissa now enjoys spending time as a fan fanatic for her three children's own sports endeavors.


Texas Christian University

Melissa F. graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts with a double major in English and Advertising/PR.


314 Projects Completed

Melissa writes on a variety of financial topics including wealth management, investing, retirement planning, debt, saving , and corporate financing.


160 Projects Completed

Melissa has written both blog post and full length articles for websites ranging from medical practices to holistic treatment center. She has extensively researched health areas including, diet, stress, mental health, wellness, and medical technology.


130 Projects Completed

Melissa is the founder of a website for working and stay at home moms and has written for multiple family and parenting sites. As a mother of three Melissa combines research and personal experience to provide insight to both working and stay at home parents.


68 Projects Completed

Melissa has written many blog posts and articles in the entertainment industry. Her style incorporates humor and wit, while still providing valuable information to the reader.

Blog Post

1,491 Projects Completed

Melissa ghost writes for multiple blogs and is the primary blog writer for her parenting website as well as a contributor to military, financial, and health and wellness blogs.

Web Page

468 Projects Completed

Melissa has written numerous web pages for a wide range of companies and industries including, financial, pest control, legal, and home improvement.


394 Projects Completed

Melissa has writing articles on many topics including parenting, beauty, relationships, health, technology, business, and travel. Melissa has the ability to alter the writing style to fit any target audience or demographic.

Product Description

57 Projects Completed

Melissa has written product description for American, British, and Australian websites. No matter the product Melissa is able to present the item in an appealing way while provide all necessary information.

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