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Theresa H. enjoys giving stale topics a fresh voice and applies creative thinking to every piece that she writes. Many clients have praised her conversational writing voice, which is perfect for blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, reviews, eBooks, and website content. She enjoys establishing long-term connections with professional clients and can provide fast turnaround times and grammatically correct copy that speaks to the reader with a trustworthy tone.

While Theresa is now a full-time writer with 15 years of experience crafting quality content for online clients, her literary roots are deeply immersed in creative nonfiction and fiction. She was swept away by the power of words when she wrote her first story in middle school. She spent her high school years filling notebooks with short stories and poems, and then entered the Ohio State University as an English major with a minor in Creative Writing.

After three years of attending creative writing workshops at the university, Theresa started submitting her writing for print publication. While she still writes creative pieces for her own pleasure, she now spends most of her time sharing her passion for words with clients in need of fresh content.

If you're searching for a professional writer who takes her craft seriously, you will enjoy working with Theresa. She appreciates her long-term clients but also gets excited when a new client comes her way.


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Industry Projects

  • Health1,000+
  • Consumer Goods500+
  • Fitness100+
  • Finance100+
  • Self Help100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Relationships50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Throughout her long writing career, Theresa has completed at least 1,000 writing jobs related to some aspect of health. She enjoys researching topics related to health and wellness and then turning that information into material that will educate and inform others about common and little-known health conditions. Knowledge is what everyone needs to make wise decisions regarding their health, and Theresa works hard to provide accurate and interesting material that helps consumers learn about and discuss health-related topics. While much of her health-inspired writing has been dedicated to parents, she has also written content for many medical offices. This includes quite a few blog posts and tons of website copy, along with a few white papers as well.

Consumer Goods

Theresa has written hundreds of product descriptions and product reviews over the years. She enjoys the creative nature of crafting entertaining material that informs consumers in a light, refreshing manner. If you need in-depth, accurate reviews and fresh descriptions for your sales or review site, you can count on Theresa for an endless flow of creativity.


Theresa has been writing fitness-related website content, blog posts and eBooks for more than 10 years. She has completed thousands of projects within this industry over the years. Some of that work was for private clients, but she is also a 5-Star Author for another well-known writing platform.


Finance is of personal interest to Theresa, and she spends a lot of her free time researching related subjects. Not only has she ventured through the long journey of improving her personal credit score and developing her financial knowledge, but she has enjoyed writing about personal finance for many of her clients. Her experience includes hundreds of completed orders related to finance, including blog posts, website content and short reports. She looks forward to developing strong relationships with new clients invested in the personal finance field.

Self Help

Theresa enjoys writing about all topics related to self help, personal development, self esteem and confidence. From inspiring pieces that motivate readers to make critical changes in their lives to words of hope and comfort for those with emotional scars, Theresa has written at least 100 blog posts and pages of website content within this industry. She has also written a couple eBooks within this niche for private clients. She researches these topics for her own enjoyment and enrichment, so it's her pleasure to share her expertise with others.


Theresa believes that fashion is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression. What you wear can boost your confidence and leave you with a smile that's worth more than the value of your entire wardrobe. Theresa considers writing about fashion a perk of her job. She aims to inspire others to express themselves through their clothing choices. Her experience includes writing for numerous fashion blogs and creating fresh website content for fashion-oriented websites.


Theresa started writing about relationships when a private client hired her to write blog posts for a popular website. She has since written an eBook and at least 50 pages of website content related to this niche. She has written content for some well-known dating sites and has helped two affiliate marketers create websites dedicated to relationship advice.

This experience has introduced Theresa to some of the most popular affiliate marketing products within the relationship niche. She enjoys writing about all topics within the field, and that isn't limited to love relationships. She can also write about the relationships between parents, between parents and their children, and between teenagers at school. Relationships are the most important and most difficult part of life, and everyone needs a little advice from time to time.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Web Page1,000+
  • Product Description1,000+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Theresa has written thousands of articles during her 15-year online writing adventure. She has seen the industry of article writing evolve over time and does her research to stay up to date on the current standards for SEO, style, formatting and quality expectations. Whether you need articles to use for marketing purposes or you want to place them in your newsletter, on your blog, or on your social media accounts, Theresa knows how to create quality articles that will serve your needs while entertaining and educating your readers.

Blog Post

The blog post is one of Theresa's favorite writing forms because she knows that readers are going to benefit from reading her words. Some posts may offer information that a reader needs to make an important decision while others deliver comfort, a good laugh, or answers to complex questions. Theresa always learns something new when crafting a blog post, and she knows that readers around the world are learning along with her.

Theresa's completed thousands of blog posts for private clients and multiple writing sites over the years. This experience has taught her how to write blog posts that engage readers from the first to last sentence while motivating them to take action.

Web Page

As a 5-Star Author for another writing site, Theresa has completed more than 1,000 pages of website content for clients in a variety of industries. She has also worked with private clients for more than 10 years, and much of that work consisted of creating content for new websites. There are few things that she finds more enjoyable than watching a website evolve over time. Whether you want one writer to help you develop a new site or you just need a few pages of content for an established site, Theresa can get the job done.

Product Description

Creative product descriptions bring products to life and have the power to put an appealing glow around even the most ordinary of items. Theresa has written thousands of product descriptions throughout the course of her 15+ year career, and short descriptions and category page blurbs are one of her specialties. While she believes in accurate descriptions that let consumers know exactly what they're buying, she also believes that there is no excuse for a boring product description.


During her 15 years of online writing experience, Theresa has written more than 10 full eBooks for private clients. She has also written a few books for clients through another site, on which she is a 5-Star Author. She enjoys writing books because it gives her the opportunity to explore a topic in-depth while using her creative thinking skills to make the information entertaining and fun to read. Whether you need a fast turnaround on a complete book or want to take the project one chapter at a time, Theresa is ready to help you craft a book that will reflect your brand well.

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