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Karen has been a freelance writer for over 10 years. She is constantly looking for new ways to reach new clients and readers and use the written word.

Karen has a B. A. in French and a minor in Technical Writing from Louisiana Tech University. She worked as a state revenue tax officer for seven years at the Louisiana Department of Revenue before becoming a full-time, freelance writer and translator. She has authored a wide variety of writing projects for a number of different industries. Her writings are always original and are submitted timely. They also conform to the style of writing her customers prefer (AP, APA, MLA, etc.,) while adhering to the writing instructions provided for the project.
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Karen specializes in writing in-depth articles, e-books, technical documentation, blog posts, website copy, white papers, product descriptions and more. She is able to compose engaging copy about all types of subject matter, including topics related to finance, foreign languages, technology and medicine. Karen also provides translation services, translating from English to French and from French to English.


Karen enjoys writing, reading, languages, painting and creating new typefaces.


Louisiana Tech University

Karen obtained a B. A. in French with a minor in Technical Writing


78 Projects Completed

Karen has composed a number of articles and blog posts about medical topics. She has also written customized website copy for medical businesses, including those specializing in general medicine, audiology, dentistry, optometry and ophthalmology. Karen can also compose well-researched articles about a variety of medical conditions.


73 Projects Completed

Karen has written engaging and informative blog posts and articles regarding a variety of legal subjects. These projects included in-depth discussions concerning child custody rights, elder abuse, drug laws, divorce and more. She is able to research, cite and discuss proper case law and statutes for the subject matter being discussed. She has also composed customized website copy for law firms.


22 Projects Completed

Karen worked as a revenue tax officer for a state revenue agency for over six years. She completed state tax returns and performed mini-audits of businesses. She has written many pieces regarding a variety of state and federal tax issues, including:
The explanation of new credits and deductions
State collection procedures
Customer service in tax collection


16 Projects Completed

Karen has completed multiple writing projects for education topics. She has created Kindergarten - Grade 5 lessons plans and has sold them on online platforms. She can compose blog posts and heavily research, in-depth articles regarding any issue in the education industry, including:
Continuing education for adults
Teacher education and certification
Federal education guidelines
Distance learning
School safety


11 Projects Completed

Karen has written an extensive number of in-depth articles and blog posts about various topics in the finance and economics industries. Some of her more recent articles discussed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the payday lending industry. She has also written extensively about national and worldwide economic trends.

Web Page

158 Projects Completed

Karen has written website copy for numerous businesses and organizations from a wide range of industries. She is able to compose copy for all types of webpages, including landing pages, about us, services and more. The copy she creates is original and captures the spirit of the business while being engaging and informative.


110 Projects Completed

Karen has written an extensive number of in-depth articles about a wide variety of topics for clients from numerous industries. The articles she writes are always researched and provide relevant information in way that hooks and keeps the reader's attention.

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