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Jennifer has had a passion for writing since a very early age. However, it took her many years before she realized that she could turn her passion into work. After successful careers in the financial industry, telecommunications, and finally as a Special Education Instructor, Jennifer decided to make it a goal to become a successful writer.

What can she bring to you? Passion, professionalism, dependability, and a wealth of experience working in multiple industries. In addition to her professional experience, Jennifer is also the mother of three. When she writes, she tries to put herself in the shoes of the intended audience. What do they want? How might they emotionally connect with the information or product that is presented to them?

Her goal is to produce content that is compelling, relevant and well-researched. When you hire her for a writing assignment, you can feel confident that you will get a thorough and timely piece.


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Industry Projects

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  • Education8

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Jennifer works directly with small business owners who provide products and services to homeowners such as window coverings, flooring, and contract services. Jennifer writes engaging emails, web copy, and SEO blog articles for these clients. Her work has generated numerous leads. She also designed a bid proposal which helped one of these businesses acquire a contract with a large home builder.


Jennifer's expertise in Education is in the area of Special Education. As a former teacher, she has worked on many writing projects including presentations, IEPs, lesson plans, and grant proposals. She recently collaborated with a group of educators across the country to write and design online training modules for a very specific field of Special Education.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Jennifer consistently provides blog content as a ghostwriter for several small business owners. She uses her SEO writing skills to help promote the content of these blogs. Articles are researched and thorough for maximum user benefit. Her blog writing and promotions have increased web traffic to each of these sites.

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