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The bulk of John's writing experience is academic. As of now he's finishing up a Philosophy/Psychoanalysis MA and holds a BA in Linguistics w/ a Sociology minor. However, his knowledge is not limited to these fields and he has worked, for example, in the sciences as well. As far as professional writing, he's done grant writing as well as having worked writing content online freelance for a year. He understands the myriad stylistic differences between academic writing, SEO writing, grant writing, blog writing, marketing/advertising writing, and so on. John can, will, and do write for pretty much any field in any style.


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Industry Projects

  • Health10+

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He is an ex-bodybuilder and an avid reader of research in sport science and nutrition. However, this is an industry that changes pretty rapidly. For that reason it's particularly important to have the fundamental knowledge of things like physiology and biochemistry. He's done that work in school, in addition to having worked as both a Science Labs Work-study and as a Science Labs Coordinator (the apprentice became the master).

Product Projects

  • Grant/Proposal1

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During his stint as Science Labs Coordinator, immediately after starting, he was asked by his supervisor to write a grant (having just a week from research to submission). This was completed, and in the end the grant was won. The key to grant-writing is actually in the research. In order to write anything moderately compelling, in order to have the data you need, in order to have a vision of what the grant will accomplish--all of this rests on research. And John is a stellar researcher.

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