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Brooks specializes in making science understandable and interesting. His work is often deeply researched yet conversationally delivered.

His style is amenable to blogging, web content, brochures, long- or short-form articles, press releases, and ad copy writing. He's well-versed not just in words, but in presentation including photos, illustrations, and layout, and he has a working knowledge of SEO, HTML, and CSS.

He's no stranger to deadlines, and collaborates easily with co-creators.
Brooks has been a metro newspaper editor, writer, copy editor and page designer for twenty years, and was a community newspaper editor for a decade before that. Key to his work history is his long-time role as news editor, which is very much like a project manager.

He's won the Lincoln Steffens award for investigative journalism as well as national and professional awards for editorial and feature writing.

His recent science articles, written for a general audience, include lethal autonomous weapons — the killer robots of science fiction — on the global battlefield; the co-opting of the National Science Foundation by Congress; a six-part package on rare earths including natural history, and global politics; and the ballistics behind the national gun debate.

Brooks earned his BA in communications and design at Fort Lewis College, CO; and attended the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He published his first mystery collection, The Yarn Woman, in 2014, and the novel, Wailing Wood, in 2015, both involving a textile forensics investigator.


Science, education, health


Science, education, health


Fort Lewis College, CO

After earning his bachelor's, Brooks attended the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder before beginning a career as a newspaper writer and editor.


14 Projects Completed

For Brooks, covering science involves two crucial elements: delivering complex information in an interesting package; and making that data easily understandable. Such was the case in his series on rare earths, the backbone of the Age of Technology. His work became America’s first primer on the subject.


14 Projects Completed

Brooks relied on social media to cover a U.N. panel meeting in Geneva as world leaders discussed the use of artificial intelligence on the battlefield. His further research and interviews resulted in the first American reports on the issue.

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