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Marie is interested in historical events, particularly those with an air of mystery. Research is a passion for her and this is one of the ways in which she satisfies that hobby.
Marie is the owner of a small automotive repair shop and has firsthand knowledge of general automotive topics and has written a number of in-depth articles on those subjects.
Marie's work history includes over 25 years in the medical field in a number of health care settings including radiology facilities, hospitals and specialty practices. She draws on her extensive health care and insurance knowledge in her writing.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Marie writes for a number of attorney blogs across the nation. Some specific article subjects include; DWI, domestic violence, restraining orders, auto accidents, personal injury, criminal defense.


Marie has numerous completed assignments ranging from dentistry, radiology, immunotherapy and electronic medical records, to name a few. Her extensive experience is drawn from over 25+ years in various positions within the healthcare field. Those positions range from clerk, insurance liaison, department director and customer service. Fields of specialty include radiology, otolaryngology, cosmetic procedures, and hospital-based business.


Marie has completed a number of articles and blog posts related to maintenance repairs and preventative tips. She has composed several comparison type posts (ex. Honda vs Toyota). Marie's other articles were product research oriented, such as "best tire for my car" or "best battery for my vehicle".

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Marie' blog work varies greatly as far as length and topic. Her primary specialties include, among others, healthcare, insurance and current events.


Marie has done a number of longer articles, many of these based on product reviews or comparisons. Some of the subject material is often new to Marie, but she does a thorough job of researching the product or subject before setting out writing the article. She sees this as a great opportunity to learn new things. Her clients have given her high praise for her work on these articles, showing that in spite of her ignorance on the subject initially, her research skills and writing abilities produce a high quality, well-received? piece.

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