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Sam writes reader-friendly content that is also SEO-friendly. She believes the best "SEO" is great content. The content should answer the reader's question or offers solutions to their challenges. She also specializes in social media content and curation.

Sam is an active blogger who manages two publications. Her flagship site is fitness, food, and lifestyle blog. She also maintains a book and entertainment blog. Her sites enjoy organic search referrals from Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yandex, Yahoo, and Ask. She also built a significant social media following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Yummly, LinkedIn, and Stumbled? Upon.

In addition to her blogs, Sam is an active guest contributor. She contributes on-going columns for a few publications. These on-going gigs include a weekly consumer tech column, a comparison shopping guide series, and a bylined series on social media marketing and personal branding.

Although new to Writer Access, clients express satisfaction. Writer Access Clients rate over 41 percent of Sam's completed projects at the "exceeds expectations" level. The remaining projects received "met expectations" ratings.

Sam is also a product reviewer and writes customer-focused product content. She is a top 5k ranked reviewer on Amazon with a high helpful rating from consumers. This is due to her consideration of the consumer's needs and attention to detail. Most of her reviews feature original photographs or videos.

Offline Sam is an experienced conflict mediator. This allows her to explore the reader's real interests even in emotionally charged situations.

Sam has experience with various aspects of not-for-profit administration, fundraising and event planning. Success in these areas requires a detail oriented and result-oriented approach. This is not unlike the field of content marketing!


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Health20+
  • Food20+
  • Fitness20+
  • Marketing10+
  • Electronics10+
  • Beauty10+
  • Gaming3

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Consumer information and product reviews are popular topics on Sam's blogs. Also, she is a top rated reviewer on Amazon and contributes to other retail review sites.

Clients commission Sam to write consumer-oriented content including:
* Product descriptions
* Consumer advice and shopping tips
* eBay shopping guides
* Product comparison and selection guides
* Made-in-the-USA and fair-trade gift guides
*Product tutorials
*Product reviews

She creates business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer content in the following industries: Food, fitness, beauty, natural products, clothing and apparel, consumer electronics, and gift items.

Sam is well-versed in FTC regulations; major retail site terms and conditions; white hat SEO techniques; and social media policies. She loves to research and strives to give the consumer the best information to guide their decision.

In addition, Sam sometimes moonlights as a product beta tester and as a mystery shopper.


Sam's primary blog is an active lifestyle blog that features health related content. She has collaborated with The American Heart Association, Nordic Naturals, NBC television, university research groups, book publishers and others. She was selected to join three different fitness blogger ambassador programs that led to educational, networking, and trend spotting opportunities.


Sam's blog features food-related content. She develops recipes, reviews cookbooks and writes about meal and menu planning. She also frequently reviews food related products. She enjoys artisan coffee and new world wine.


Sam's active lifestyle blog enjoys daily search engine traffic in the areas of fitness, wearable fitness tech, and home gym equipment. Sam participated in three fitness blogger ambassador programs and attended IDEA World's fitness convention. As a content writer, Sam regularly creates content for gyms, studios and fitness tech companies. She also assists small gyms, studios, and recreational schools with social media.


Sam regularly writes about personal branding, social media marketing, and other marketing methods. Previous work includes ghostwritten work and a bylined article series. The audience is primarily professionals and small-business owners.

Sam completed Hubspot's Inbound Certification. The course content contained an overview of inbound and attraction marketing. It touched on social media marketing, SEO, content creation, email marketing, customer service, automation basics, and integrating sales and marketing.

She writes and curates social media content for private clients and small marketing agencies. This is typically part of an inbound marketing strategy.


Sam frequently reviews electronics, gadgets and personal tech on her blog. Also, she writes a weekly bylined tech news column for another site. As a content writer, she wrote several articles about wearable tech.


Sam covers beauty and style on her active lifestyle blog. Topics include skin care, sunscreen reviews, cosmetic reviews and hair care. Her beauty content enjoys organic search referrals and affiliate commission income. The top affiliate revenue products include a natural makeup line, an organic skin care line, and a healthier hair color line.


Sam's entertainment blog features books, games, television and video entertainment. Sponsored content includes promotional articles about mobile apps and games. The sample was created to promote a Kickstarter campaign.

Product Projects

  • Twitter Post100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Facebook Post50+
  • Product Description20+

Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Sam is active on twitter and uses Twitter to promote her blog. Sam also creates sponsored tweets for companies in relevant niches. Images and well-chosen hashtags increase Twitter engagement. Sam keeps tweets short enough to accommodate a link and a hashtag. When possible she aims to attach media such as an image, video or quiz.

Blog Post

Sam edits two blogs; one is an active lifestyle and fitness blog. The other is a book and entertainment blog. Sam started blogging as a volunteer for a local film festival; she wrote posts for the organization's film blog.

She also guests posts on other blogs including a food and technology blog, a business marketing blog and an entrepreneur blog. She wrote more than 600 blog posts including her personal projects, guest posts, and ghostwritten work for clients.

As a blogger, she is skilled in SEO writing, web formatting, Wordpress use, and social media promotion. She attended a blogging convention each year since she started blogging. At the convention, she immerses herself in latest developments in blogging, content creation, and social media trends. In October 2016, the International Bloggers Association selected her for an "Award of Excellence in Writing & Design."

Facebook Post

As a blogger, Sam writes Facebook posts to promote her site. As a social media influencer, she writes sponsored posts to share brands and products with her Facebook page fans and readers. Sam also offers social media writing, curation, and scheduling services. Sam frequently writes posts for clients to post on their own pages to promote their content, increase engagement or advertise their product.

Product Description

Sam frequently features product reviews on her blogs. The reviews feature a short product description. In addition, Sam writes e-commerce product descriptions and meta descriptions for private clients. The goal is clear descriptions that help the reader visualize the product and benefits.

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