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Busy readers crave information they can quickly understand and use. They also enjoy an authentic story.

Sam has over five years of experience as a blogger, content writer, social media manager, and journalist.
- As a blogger, she learned the basics of on-page SEO and how to write conversational content that is easy to skim.
- As a journalist, she refined her research and interviewing skills while writing in a neutral and objective, informative style.
- As a social media specialist, she learned to speak emojis and hashtags without over-doing it!
- By working with skilled marketing pros over the past five years, she learned to write inbound marketing content tailored to a brand's ideal customer.

In addition, Sam has professional experience as an event planner working for not-for-profit organizations. Planning an event and crafting content are both ways to create an experience. Both require considering the intended audience's needs, pain points, and interests.

Sam also has extensive experience as a conflict mediator both professionally and as a volunteer. Through mediation, she learned the importance of asking questions, listening, and using tactful language when necessary.
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Sam offers the following types of content:
- Blog posts
- Articles including news and feature-style
- Recipes and tutorials
- Social media posts including Tweets, Pin descriptions, Facebook posts, and Instagram captions
- Profiles including social media bios and "about me" pages
- Press releases

She specializes in creating easy-to-read, easy to skim, SEO-friendly web content.


As a writer, Sam's primary interests include writing articles, blog posts and social media copy. She loves the challenge and variety that comes from helping people tell their story.

Sometimes professionals, artists, and brands approach her for help with their speaker's biographies, social media profiles, service pages, and "about me" pages. Her usual process is to interview the client (through Wa's convenient conference call system) to discover what is special about the client. The profile helps put the best light forward.

Sam also has off-line experience as an event planner and conflict mediator. While these fields seem unrelated to content marketing the experience she gained informs her approach to content and social media.

As a blogger and content writer, Sam currently writes B2C lifestyle content in areas related to her hobbies and interests. Those include food, beverage, style, dance, arts, entertainment, and fitness. She also loves to travel and talk with people from all over the world.

As a writer, she enjoys writing B2B content on topics like productivity apps, small business marketing, and social media marketing. Some of her favorite clients are website designers, photographers, SEO consultants, public relations professionals, and boutique marketing agencies.


226 Projects Completed

Sam's primary blog is an active lifestyle blog that features health related content. She has collaborated with The American Heart Association, Nordic Naturals, NBC television, university research groups, book publishers and others. She was selected to join three different fitness blogger ambassador programs that led to educational, networking, and trend spotting opportunities.


178 Projects Completed

In addition to content writing, Sam works as a social media marketer and an event planner. The lives and breathes the world of small business, content, and nonprofit marketing.

Digital marketing is her primary business-to-business niche. She ghostwrote content for over a dozen boutique marketing agencies, SEO consultants, and website designers on that subject.

Sam currently holds four relevant certifications, including Hubspot Inbound, CoSchedule Marketing Strategy, Twitter Flight school, and Hootsuite Social Marketing. In college, she studied communications, including coursework in journalism, advertising, public relations, political campaigning, and interactive multimedia.


107 Projects Completed

Sam's active lifestyle blog enjoys daily search engine traffic in the areas of fitness, wearable fitness tech, and home gym equipment. Sam participated in three fitness blogger ambassador programs and attended IDEA World's fitness convention. As a content writer, Sam regularly creates content for gyms, studios and fitness tech companies. She also assists small gyms, studios, and recreational schools with social media.


101 Projects Completed

Sam's experience in the cooking and beverage spaces ranges from work on her own blog, work for food and beverage brands, and social media management.

As a blogger, she created recipes, took food photos, wrote content, and amplified that content through social media platforms like Pinterest.

She also managed on-going social media for a restaurant and a winemaker. The content included tasting tips, recipes, announcements, and fun facts about food and wine culture.


37 Projects Completed

Sam's blog features food-related content. She develops recipes, reviews cookbooks and writes about meal and menu planning. She also frequently reviews food related products. She enjoys artisan coffee and new world wine.


31 Projects Completed

Sam frequently reviews electronics, gadgets and personal tech on her blog. Also, she writes a weekly bylined tech news column for another site. As a content writer, she wrote several articles about wearable tech.


26 Projects Completed

Offline, Sam writes blog posts and social media content for small businesses in the hospitality, event, and travel industry. These fields are closely connected as traditionally people travel for events, conferences, and businesses as well as vacation.

She has the experience of managing blogging and social media for an event and also for a small hospitality brand during the COVID-19 crisis. These fields were (and still are) hit hard by the crisis. She was able to pull from her background as a journalist and mediator to share updates that are authentic, rational, calm, and carefully crafted.

As a frequent traveler herself, Sam can anticipate the needs of other travelers and highlight appropriate information within the content.

Green Living

21 Projects Completed

Sam often writes about green products, businesses and lifestyle choices.

This content includes articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and social media copy.


16 Projects Completed

Sam covers beauty and style on her active lifestyle blog. Topics include skin care, sunscreen reviews, cosmetic reviews and hair care. Her beauty content enjoys organic search referrals and affiliate commission income. The top affiliate revenue products include a natural makeup line, an organic skin care line, and a healthier hair color line.


11 Projects Completed

Sam has extensive experience in the field of special events. Over the years, she worked for sporting events, a theatre, and an art festival.

Part of planning an event is making attendees feel like guests.

Sam also helped a bed and breakfast hotel with content marketing including social media posts and blog posts.


5 Projects Completed

Sam's entertainment blog features books, games, television and video entertainment. Sponsored content includes promotional articles about mobile apps and games. The sample was created to promote a Kickstarter campaign.

Blog Post

674 Projects Completed

With over five years as a blogger, Sam has extensive experience in all aspects of creating and maintaining a blog and blog posts. She has a 360-degree view of blogging that provides a holistic approach when writing articles and blog posts. The International Bloggers Association selected her for an "Award of Excellence in Writing & Design."

Since she started blogging, she wrote more than 600 blog posts including her personal projects, guest posts, and ghostwritten work for clients. The content takes different forms depending on the ideal audience persona and purpose including:
- Recipes
- Tutorials
- Magazine style tips articles
- Interviews with authors, influencers, or celebrities
- Personal essays
- Product reviews
- Shopping guides, gift guides, and product comparison guides
- Curated roundups
- List style posts or listicles
- Brand sponsored advertorials or native advertising copy

She started her blogging journey as a volunteer for a local international film festival. She started the festival’s blog and social media accounts resulting in good media coverage and a few sold out screenings. This experience inspired her to launch her active lifestyle blog covering food, fitness, style, beauty, wearable tech, and fitness tech. She built her blog's traffic from zero through white hat SEO, mailing list building, effective content strategy, and social media marketing and engagement. She also maintains a smaller book and entertainment blog.

Blogging in three niches allowed her to explore all aspects including:
- Content strategy
- Keyword research
- Blog formatting
- Basic photography and light design
- Affiliate marketing
- Advertising
- Content marketing
- Advertorials
- Social media optimization
- FTC disclosure guidelines relating to influencer marketing
- Managing reader giveaway promotions

Sam also guests posts on other blogs including a food and technology blog, a business marketing blog and an entrepreneur blog. She also manages and edits Wordpress blogs for private clients including a youth STEM education program and a boutique content marketing agency.

Sam loves the blogging world because she learns something new every day. She devotes time each week to learning about content marketing, copywriting, and social media. She attends a blogging convention each year since she started blogging. At these conventions, she immerses herself in latest developments in blogging, content creation, and social media trends.

Twitter Post

453 Projects Completed

Sam has professionally created Twitter content for small and large brands for over six years. Her past and current clients included a couple of marketing agencies, and SEO application, a winemaking facility, and a couple of festivals.

Sam is also active on Twitter and uses it to promote her blog. As a former micro-influencer, she created sponsored tweets for companies in relevant niches.

Images and well-chosen hashtags increase Twitter engagement. Sam keeps tweets short enough to accommodate a link and a hashtag. When possible she aims to attach media such as an image, video or quiz.

She holds a Social Marketing certification from Hootsuite Academy and also completed Twitter Flight School. The certification training course and exam covered various aspects of Twitter management including profile optimization, advertising, content strategy, content creation, and other Twitter best practices.

Facebook Post

215 Projects Completed

Sam has written Facebook posts and content for small and large brands, public events, and nonprofit organizations.

She started Facebook marketing in 2013 when she managed a Facebook group and page for a film festival. She went on and worked with other events and dozens of businesses over the past seven years.

As a blogger, Sam used Facebook to promote her site which led her to a side-gig as a social media micro-influencer. As an influencer, she wrote sponsored posts introducing brands and products to her Facebook page fans and Instagram followers.

As a freelance writer, Sam frequently writes packages of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest content for brands. In addition, she works as a social media manager for a festival, a group of bed and breakfast facilities, and a winemaking facility. She previously managed social media for a marketing agency and a couple of other small businesses.

She holds a Social Marketing certification from Hootsuite Academy. The certification training course and exam covered various aspects of Facebook management including profile optimization, advertising, content strategy, content creation, policies, and other best practices.


105 Projects Completed

Samantha writes news and feature articles for a regional news publication. As a contributor, she pitches article topics, finds sources, interviews sources, and writes the articles. Since the primary publication she writes for uses a modified Associated Press style, she is well versed in AP style writing. Topics she covers include business, scientific research, local events, and personality based feature articles.

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100 Projects Completed

Before Sam started freelancing as a writer, she ran a blog.

As a blogger, she monetized through sponsored content or native advertising.

This involved:
- Learning about the advertiser's business and product. Usually, she used the product or service.
- Brainstorming ideas that would appeal to the blog's existing audience like how the product may address a pain point.
- Creating the content, this involved writing, basic photography, shooting videos, and designing the content.
- The content took a variety of forms: recipes, tutorials, unboxing videos, lifestyle essays involving the product, or walk-throughs, social media posts showcasing the product.

Product Description

69 Projects Completed

Sam frequently features product reviews on her blogs. The reviews feature a short product description. In addition, Sam writes e-commerce product descriptions and meta descriptions for private clients. The goal is clear descriptions that help the reader visualize the product and benefits.

Newsletter Content

53 Projects Completed

Over the past five years, Sam wrote newsletter articles for a variety of clients.

Newsletter content tends to be shorter-form than many blog posts or articles. However, it is often a little more in-depth than short-form like Tweets, Instagram captions, and other micro-copy. Sam is experienced in writing these kinds of content as well as newsletter articles.

Newsletter articles tend to be shorter and digestible but this varies depending on the brand voice and audience.


22 Projects Completed

Sam approaches profile and biography writing from a variety of angles.

As a social media manager, she has written social media profiles and Facebook "Our Story" content. Her own LinkedIn profile passively brought her thousands of dollars in work as an inbound marketing asset attracting prospective clients to her. In other words, she practices what she "preaches."

As a freelance journalist, Sam loves writing feature profile articles and biographic articles about thought leaders and innovators. She has written over a dozen published features on scientists, small business owners, artists, politicians, and community activists.

She also writes profiles about businesses, organizations, and brands using a similar approach.

Possible Deliverables:
- Social media biography
- LinkedIn Profile
- "About Me" and service pages
- Speaker biography
- Longer-form feature article
- Biographies to supplement press releases and media kits

Press Release

12 Projects Completed

A good press release reads like a news article. That way, the publication has options. They can either run the release as-is on a slow news day or use it as background for a more in-depth original article. Either way, the goal is to make the editor and reporter's lives easier so they are more likely to feature your non-profit, business or brand.

Case Studies

5 Projects Completed

Using her journalism, content marketing and academic background Sam crafts case studies and other longer-form content.

Each case study is unique depending on whether it is based on surveys, crowdsourcing, interviews, journal articles, or existing documents. For that reason, it is crucial to discuss the goals, intentions, and focus of the project.

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