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Jim V earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature with a concentration in the Modern American Novel. He studied Philosophy at the graduate level, worked as a university lecturer and assisted people with learning disabilities.
As an undergraduate, he completed three majors, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Political Science, with a Pre-Law focus.

His background includes:

Journalism: He worked in daily, weekly and alternative print media for more than 25 years and has published thousands of articles on topics including congressional debates, court proceedings, politics, sports, Real Estate, business, celebrity interviews, hard news, outdoors, gardening and A&E among others.
Jim established himself as a prolific New England journalist and was repeatedly elevated to leadership roles at every publishing company he worked.

Fiction: In 2019, he published the novel, "In-Between People: Signs, Wanderlust & Monsters."

Politics: Having studied political science as an undergraduate, Jim researches and writes about public policy, foreign policy and their effect on the lives of ordinary people.

Construction: He grew up in a construction family, worked as a carpenter, mason’s apprentice and general contractor.

Warehouse & Trucking: Jim was a prominent Teamster with experience operating heavy machinery, drove truck and held a CDL license.

Travel: Spent the last two years road-tripping the East Coast, Appalachian Mountains and exploring incredible lesser-known places. Jim immerses himself in local life and writes about the value of that experience.

Fitness: Won national-level bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions. Worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Owned and operated an alternative magazine, two live music venues, restaurant and a freelance writing business.

Currently Jim is a freelance ghostwriter, taking on select assignments.
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Based on his education, background, employment, entrepreneurial endeavors, life experiences and interests, Jim tends to focus on the following areas.
Journalism & Copy Editing
Legal Writing
Travel Articles & Guides
Politics & Public Policy
Blog Posts (General Topics)
Real Estate & Homes
Sports (Football)
Health & Fitness
Truck Driving and Trucking Industry News
Biographies & Autobiographies (Ghostwriting)


Jim has a great passion for learning. He spends his “down time” researching the salient issues of the day, from law and politics to arts and culture, reading classic novels and staying current with Hollywood and independent films. He also enjoys trout fishing, pro football and is an avid gardener.


Rhode Island College

Jim completed three majors and a minor as an undergraduate in pre-law. His undergraduate work in Political Science focused on constitutional law, FCC regulations, the American presidency and policy. The History of Philosophy major was dedicated to the in-depth study of world religions, existentialism and logic. His study of Aesthetics focused on visual art and the writing.

Extracurricular Activities
Student Government
The Anchor (student newspaper) news/sportswriter
The Examined Life (college alternative paper) writer/editor
Shoreline (literary publication) contributor
Philosophy Club (president)
Political Science Club (president)
Chess Club (member)

Rhode Island College

His concentration was on the Modern American Novel and his master’s thesis was written on the relationship between Ernest Hemingway and ancient Greek philosophy.


1,856 Projects Completed

Jim V has more than 25 years of experience and has written on topics ranging from Big Box zoning to congressional debates to the rise of ISIS.
His interest is the effect of changing public and foreign policy on everyday people's lives. He conducts independent, daily research and stays current on a wide range of issues.
His wealth of experience allows him to address pertinent topics in an engaging voice and he always meets a deadline!


668 Projects Completed

Jim has an extensive background in the legal field and currently provides content for legal sites and blogs daily.

Jim was a pre-law student as an undergraduate, triple majoring in Political Science, Philosophy and Aesthetics. He also minored in English Lit and went on to earn a Master's Degree in English. As an undergraduate he excelled in coursework that included constitutional law, criminal law, business law, administrative law, civil liberties, U.C.C. regulations, contracts, philosophy of law, judicial process, among many others.
He supplemented his direct law studies with courses stressing philosophical reasoning, psychology and he successfully completed courses on Intermediate and Advanced Logic.
For extracurricular activities, Jim was a member of Student Government, President of the Political Science Club, President of the Philosophy Club, member of the Chess Club and Debate Team.

As a 20-plus-year newspaper veteran, Jim wrote hundreds of articles involving legal matters, including a variety civil and criminal litigation, bankruptcy and governmental process.
He produces content for legal and law firm websites on a daily basis, covering topics such as personal injury, family law, defendant rights, bankruptcy, trending legal topics and commentary on recent court decisions among others.

Real Estate

627 Projects Completed

Jim was the editor of a weekly Real Estate publication for 5 years during his career in print media. He also has many years of hands-on experience in construction as a general contractor and carpenter.


234 Projects Completed

Jim grew up in a construction family and has experience with commercial and residential building. He worked specifically as a carpenter, mason's apprentice, welder and later a contractor. He is familiar with building and fire codes, blueprints, tools and best practices involved in various trades.


145 Projects Completed

Jim is an experienced traveler who road trips the East Coast, Appalachians and picturesque small towns. His specialty is learning and writing on the value of the local experience. This proves benficial for travelers interested in more than sightseeing and tourist attractions. Residents always know the best food, swimming, hiking and quirky things that make a place special. That's where Jim focuses his skills.


118 Projects Completed

Jim merges his knowledge of technology, real estate, construction, and farming, among others, to provide insightful articles and blog posts about the agricultural sector. Past articles have included the use of drones and technology to improve harvests, rebuilding farm buildings, the impact of trade agreements, and the benefits of green initiatives in the agricultural sector.


100 Projects Completed

Jim writes on emerging cybersecurity threats, solutions, and the impact of government regulations have on companies. Topics routinely covered include the application of the following.

Ransomware Attacks
Phishing Schemes
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)
Dark Web Monitoring
Brute Force Cyberattacks
Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act (SHIELD Act)
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Jim thoroughly researches cybersecurity issues and delivers content that highlights risks and offers solutions.


14 Projects Completed

Jim V was a champion bodybuilder and powerlifter in his younger days. He also worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and has coached hundreds of people to achieve success through diet and fitness programs.


12,997 Projects Completed

Jim writes approximately 1,000 articles annually on a wide range of topics. By bringing years of experience in traditional journalism to the table, he researches topics to craft high-level narratives that drive key points for audiences.

Blog Post

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Jim V is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a reporter and editor in daily, weekly and alternative newspaper. His vast experience allows him to produce engaging and insightful articles with a voice tailored for any given audience.

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Jim provides web page content for a wide range of industries.

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Jim V has more than 25 years of experience and has written on topics ranging from Big Box zoning to congressional debates to the rise of ISIS. His wealth of experience allows him to address pertinent topics in an engaging voice and he always meets a deadline!

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