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Jim V
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Jim V earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature with a concentration in the Modern American Novel. He studied Philosophy at the graduate level, worked as a university lecturer and assisted people with learning disabilities.
As an undergraduate, he completed three majors, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Political Science, with a Pre-Law focus.

His background includes:

Journalism: He worked in daily, weekly and alternative print media for more than 25 years and has published thousands of articles on topics including congressional debates, court proceedings, politics, sports, Real Estate, business, celebrity interviews, hard news, outdoors, gardening and A&E among others.
Jim established himself as a prolific New England journalist and was repeatedly elevated to leadership roles at every publishing company he worked.

Fiction: In 2019, he published the novel, "In-Between People: Signs, Wanderlust & Monsters."

Politics: Having studied political science as an undergraduate, Jim researches and writes about public policy, foreign policy and their effect on the lives of ordinary people.

Construction: He grew up in a construction family, worked as a carpenter, mason’s apprentice and general contractor.

Warehouse & Trucking: Jim was a prominent Teamster with experience operating heavy machinery, drove truck and held a CDL license.

Travel: Spent the last two years road-tripping the East Coast, Appalachian Mountains and exploring incredible lesser-known places. Jim immerses himself in local life and writes about the value of that experience.

Fitness: Won national-level bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions. Worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Owned and operated an alternative magazine, two live music venues, restaurant and a freelance writing business.

Currently Jim is a freelance ghostwriter, taking on select assignments.
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