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"Kristin has everything you could ask for in a writer — a great grasp of grammar, usage and syntax; a generous helping of wit; a great attitude, and that unteachable ability to take dense assignments and tease a flow/effortlessness out of them. Thank you, Kristin!"


Kristin has been a professional content writer since January of 2013. She loves making words work for her clients, and she lives by the belief that great relationships make everything in life a little easier.

Kristin has a BBA from the University of Cincinnati (Marketing, Management, International Business, and German.) During her professional career, Kristin's positions have ranged from creative to analytical. Because her professional experience is quite diverse, she has become an adaptable, flexible, and well-rounded writer who is eager to learn about new subject matter and create content that pleases her clients.

During her professional career, Kristin has been responsible for many different facets of business. In addition to legal and accounting work, she has gained marketing experience by way of designing newsletters, marketing collateral, and, of course, web content.

Kristin enjoys variety in her work. Her long-standing clients are experts in a vast array of subjects. She’s written thousands of articles related to marketing, many of which explored SEO and inbound marketing strategies. She regularly writes about regulatory compliance in the financial services sector, events in her clients' respective cities and countries, and ways to better service internal and external customers.

Her experience is quite diverse. Please don't hesitate to reach out to her if you're interested in learning more.


"Kristin's got a very readable writing style and captured the feeling of our project easily and immediately. I hope to continue working with her!"

"Great Writer. Versatile, on-target, follows instructions. Defintely on our favorites list!"

"Kristin did an amazing job. She really took control of a vague assignment that didn't have a whole lot of details to work off of. The final project was completed on time and the details provided for our various brand personas gave each brand its own unique voice."

"Loved the article - a really enjoyable & interesting read from a great wordsmith."

"One of the best writer's I've worked with on [a different platform]."

"A great communicator & keen to do a great job. Thanks Kristin for a fantastic article."

"Fantastic, as always."

"Yet another fantastic article from Kristin."


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing1,000+
  • Business1,000+
  • Career500+
  • Real Estate500+
  • Legal100+
  • Beauty100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Kristin has written thousands content articles approved through various online platforms. She seeks opportunities to build relationships with her clients while highlighting the exceptional value that each company provides to its community. She understands people well, which is a skill her clients find useful in the sales and marketing realms of business.

Kristin's marketing work has included the following aspects:

• Inbound marketing strategies
• Experiential marketing
• Creation of buyer personas
• Marketing collateral (newsletters, web content, promotional products)


As a partner of her clients' companies, Kristin proudly takes on the content needs of businesses, both large and small. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration and real-world management experience, Kristin works with her clients to produce quality content ranging from general business elements to specific content focused on marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, compliance, and more.


Career-related subjects are some of Kristin's favorite assignments. Throughout her own career, she has focused on learning how to be a great leader, and the many triumphs and tribulations she's experienced in the workplace have given her an excellent foundation for job-related writing assignments. She considers herself an authority figure on this topic.

Kristin offers clients a full-range of expertise in terms of career subjects, including (but not limited to) the following:

• Employee Engagement
• Leadership & Management
• Human Resources Best Practices
• Hiring & Development
• Interviewing Skills
• Job Search Skills
• Resume & Cover Letter Tips
• Proper Follow-Up Techniques

Real Estate

As a diligent researcher, Kristin is capable of producing articles that provide substantial amounts of area-specific data so home buyers and sellers view her clients as foremost authorities in their regions.

She also understands that many people are interested in more than numbers and data when they're entering the real estate market. Kristin enjoys writing about local events and establishments that highlight the great attributes of their areas. When real estate professionals spotlight area activities and venues, they're more likely to benefit from SEO best practices, thus driving greater amounts of traffic to their sites.


As a Contract Compliance Manager, Kristin was responsible for the interpretation and application of thousands of legal agreements as they related to her company's audit process. Kristin currently holds the position of Client Relations Manager, a role in which she helps her clients understand how to interpret their contracts to ensure their monthly accounting functions are properly addressed.

As a writer, Kristin's ability to translate complex information into everyday language has benefited her clients greatly. She enjoys working for attorneys who are trying to address a wide audience of potential clients, as her skills allow her to easily breakdown communication barriers in a way which meets strict legal marketing regulations and standards.


Life is beautiful, and Kristin loves being given the opportunity to highlight the elements that make people special. She views each beauty-related project as an opportunity to learn about something she may not have known before, and as she deepens her own knowledge, she creates captivating content her clients' readers will find useful.

Kristin's contributions to the beauty industry have included hair, makeup, skincare, and overall health and wellness articles. She has also worked with dermatologists and other medical professionals whose practices are focuses on helping their patients look and feel their best each day.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Web Page500+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Mobile Content50+
  • Brochure50+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Kristin has written thousands of blog posts, each of which her clients were happy to post as their very own. She has a unique writing style, which has been described as fluid and easy-to-read by even the most complicated of clients. Her narrative is diverse, offering a range of fun and friendly to serious and newsworthy. Each piece she creates is unique, and her ultimate goal is that each of her clients will love her pieces as their own.

Kristin is capable of writing in first-, second-, or third-person narratives. Depending on her clients' needs, she can readily adjust her voice to create compelling content that appropriately addresses the target audience.

Web Page

As a professional content creator, Kristin loves working with her clients to ensure they're putting their best foot forward when people click on their pages. She understands how imperative a great website is, and she works hard to capture the voice, story, and personality of each of her clients so their pages stand out above the competition.

Among her web page projects, Kristin has contributed to the following:

• Homepages
• Product- and Service-Specific Pages
• Landing Pages & Lead Generation Content
• “About Us” Information
• Marketing Surveys and Quizzes
• FAQs

Newsletter Content

Kristin enjoys writing newsletter content. In her professional career, Kristin has often been tasked with liaising between many different departments and colleagues. She excels at sharing knowledge to people in the manner in which they're most likely to understand. As such, she feels quite at home writing newsletters whereby the intent is to reach a wide audience with different interests, all in a page or two. She finds this to be an exciting challenge. She loves seeing the finished product and receiving feedback from the multiple types of audience members who viewed the information.

Mobile Content

Kristin has worked on a number of projects in which mobile content was the main focus. She understands the specific challenges involved with creating captivating content that's intended for smaller screens. She exerts a special finesse to ensure that her points are clear and concise, adhering to the idea notion that people who consume information via mobile devices are typically shorter on time and attention span than their counterparts who get their information using traditional desktops or laptops.


Kristin has worked with a number of firms to produce written explanations of infographics, which later appeared on brochures and marketing collateral. She has composed brochure content from blank canvasses; she has also helped her clients tweak their existing messages and marketing materials so they're more effectively focused on the various target audiences.


Kristin appreciates the challenge of writing informative, engaging articles that captivate the attention of her clients' audiences. She writes monthly articles related to regulatory compliance in the financial services sector. She has also created many articles about marketing, human resources (including best practices, leadership versus management, and employee engagement), and various retail assignments.

She understands the importance of being insightful and providing interesting content. Kristin is exceptional at providing a new voice to subject matter that could otherwise sound overused, and she delights in pleasing her clients with fresh content that will keep their readers coming back for more.

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