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Currently accepting new clients. I have over 20 years experience writing for a variety of diverse industries. I tailor my style to match the needs of the intended audience by telling an engaging story that is informative, as well as entertaining, with a solid understanding of SEO practices. I specialize in web content; social media; brand development; inter-office communications; product/service description; and promotional materials. As a certified personal trainer, I also have a strong knowledge of fitness; sports; health and nutrition; and medical industries. Your projects are tailored to suit your specialized needs. My business is to create your business. I deliver on time with accuracy, attention to detail, and a unique flare that makes your project stand out.
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• SEO Optimized Web Content Including Blog Posts
• Social Media Content Management
• Editorial Copy Including Features; Reviews; Interviews; Etc.
• Fitness/Sports Feature or Event Review
• Nutrition/Health/Medical Content (layman instructions for comprehension)
• Press Releases/Email Blast
• Sales Copy; Product Page/Descriptions
• Marketing Materials; Taglines; Branding
• Copy Editing (Catalog, Magazine, Ezine, Web Retail, etc.)
• Technical Writing
• Script Writing
• In-depth feature articles
• Biography
• Brochure Content
• Book Jacket
• Newsletter
• Resume


Brand Development, Fitness, Health, Entertainment Media, Travel, Advertising/Marketing


Writer's Digest

Technical course designed to strengthen grammar, and the mechanical structure of writing for different genres and fields of writing related material.

UNLV Continued Education

Course designed to the learn the fundamentals of SEO, social media platforms, marketing plans, and more.


153 Projects Completed

Delivers entertainment related media including reviews of shows, products, venues, retailers and more. Interviewed big name players in entertainment media, sports entertainment, and up-and-comers of the music industry. Successfully debuted emerging artists within the music scene who have gone on to major success. Ability to tell a story within the review so the reader feels as though they were at the performance themselves.


132 Projects Completed

Medical content writer with an understanding on how to optimize medical content for SEO and resonates with the average audience.


102 Projects Completed

Certified personal trainer with a history of writing for fitness and health related forums including magazines, blogs, newsletters, websites, advertisements and more. Over 10 years of experience in this field.


21 Projects Completed

Certified personal trainer with a history of writing for health and nutrition related forums including magazines, blogs, newsletters, websites, advertisements and more. Over 10 years of experience in this field.

Web Page

137 Projects Completed

Web content writer for landing pages including mission statements; biography; blog; product description and more. All content is SEO optimized.

Blog Post

29 Projects Completed

Blog writer for various industries providing content that is SEO optimized, entertaining, and informative. Tailors writing "voice" to reach each specific audience.


15 Projects Completed

Strong background in article writing for large corporations, magazines, and more. Past topics have been thoroughly researched with optional interviews of subject. Topics have been pitched for a wide range of ideas with excellent follow through.


9 Projects Completed

Script writing for television; film; training videos; radio spots and more. At ability to diversify voice to target audience in an effective and engaging way. I can turn a standard training video into something more engaging to your employees, allowing them to retain information easier.


8 Projects Completed

Best in Series nominee for 2009. Author of several novels and short stories in both fiction and non-fiction. Ghostwriter.


0 Projects Completed

Over 20 years experience with fiction and non-fiction related ebooks. Ability to format style to each individual platform including Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

Press Release

0 Projects Completed

Press release writing to market a variety of businesses, special offers, releases, grand openings, etc.

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