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Elizabeth was trained in poetry at the Iowa Writers Workshop (MFA, 2013), she recently completed a graduate degree in English Literature (MA, 2016) and she will begin doctoral work in English, poetry and poetics the fall (Phd, UPenn, 2021).

As an all-around wordsmith, poet, scholar and teacher, Elizabeth is prepared to meet a range of writing-linked needs: from basic proofreading assistance to high-level research support, she can transform your project - whether creative, audience-driven or academic - into a more immersive, compelling piece; and if immersion is not your thing, Elizabeth is one of the most clear and concise writers around and she is eager to produce succinct, informative copy for you and your colleagues, clients or customers. Elizabeth also has four years of university teaching experience and she can help you design, revise and proof your teaching materials. Elizabeth also has helped a number of friends, peers and siblings (she has several!) compose and revise successful statements of purpose for both graduate and undergraduate study.


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Industry Projects

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  • Transportation20+
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Summary of Industry Experience


Elizabeth provides expert legal copy in each of the following areas: personal injury; marital disputes, divorce and custody; motorcycle and car accidents; criminal record expungement; worker's compensation, and negligent behavior on the part of employers, corporations and other entities.

Whether you need a blog post, article or press release, Elizabeth has got your covered. She provides clear and informative copy, which both educates and engages readers. Plus, Elizabeth will tailor her copy to meet your readers' needs, and can write for a variety of audiences and a range of reading levels.


Elizabeth provides comprehensive copy for all major transportation industries and has written copy for a range of moving companies and auto industry-related enterprises. Her copy provides comprehensive reassurance for clients seeking to invest in a particular transportation industry product or service, and she serves both domestic and international transportation industry clients.


Elizabeth has years of training as an academic researcher in the area of women and women's writing; this couples well with her journalistic expertise and proves useful in a range of projects, for both popular and specialized audiences.


Freelance copywriting skills; the following is an example of a women's fashion product endorsement. Elizabeth is a style-oriented thinker - in both writing and dress - and produces electric, lively copy for variety of fashion industries.


During her younger years, Elizabeth composed music and performed in local music groups. As an all-around music nerd and she's very knowledgeable about alternative music scenes, trends and styles. She especially enjoys writing about experimental music, female performers, and envelope-pushers of all stripes.

Below you will find an excerpt from an article she wrote on B.B. King's Early 1950s classics.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page20+
  • Article4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Elizabeth is a skilled blogger: her lively prose style will capture your readers and keep them reading along. Her blogs seek to inform, educate and entertain. Elizabeth understands that style is just as important as content, and she can transform even the most dry subject matter into a source of reader interest and investment.

Web Page

Whether you are seeking a blog entry, article or filler content for your webpage, Elizabeth can help: she has an especially high level of expertise in producing legal copy and transportation industry web content, and she also knows to take a more humorous bent and can write on pop cultural events, stars and films.

The following sample is drawn from web content produced for a pest control expert.


Below you will find an excerpt from a review Elizabeth wrote for Emily O'Neill's 2015 poetry collection Pelican. For the full article, consult with the writer & she will direct you to the online forum in which this article appeared.

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