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Crystal has newly discovered the world of freelance and would love to help you with your business needs. She has been writing a blog on her journey through motherhood for three years. She has previous work experience as an assistant to a PR firm, so she has experience writing press releases and staff announcements. Working as a manager, she has experience writing professional documents such as reviews, disciplinary documentation, as well as communications with the executive team regarding new project ideas and supporting documentation.


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Crystal has been writing a blog of her own for three years that discusses faith, family, and book reviews. She is new to the world of freelance writing, but is excited for a new adventure.


Crystal has been writing her blog on spiritual topics for three years. She has written on topics such as distractions from the Truth, God's amazing grace, and devotionals for a large women's group each month.


Crystal is working toward making her writing dreams come true. It is difficult to find a balance between paying the bills and staying true to yourself. That's where free-lance writing comes into play.

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Blog Post

Crystal strives to share her gift of writing with the world. At the same time, she writes about her experiences as a single, working mother to try and encourages others that we can do hard things.

Facebook Post

Crystal is inspired to write Facebook posts that look different from all the others. She works to make them simple messages with profound meaning. She uses a few different pages to target different audiences.

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