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Craig has developed writing and marketing expertise over years of study, practice, and applied analytics. He earned an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. He then joined Bell Atlantic (Verizon) in a B2B marketing capacity where he was involved with product launches, writing brochures, and delivering sales training. He then went to Access Intelligence, a provider of business intelligence and integrated marketing solutions.

Craig seeks copywriting assignments with technology companies competing in the equipment, software, or services sectors. More broadly, he has the skills to write for companies that market a complex product or service in a B2B or B2C market. In these environments, Craig can tap into writing capabilities refined through his work as a consultant and account manager to some of the most prominent technology marketing organizations, including Cisco, Microsoft, and Siemens. As a consultant and advisor, Craig has produced a range of written output designed to aid in marketing decision-making. These outputs have included market, competitive, and forecast analyses.

As an Account Manager, he was self-sufficient for his sales materials which included sales presentations, email campaign copy, and customized program brochures. When bidding for consulting projects, which ranged from $10K to $100K, a succinct and well-constructed proposal letter was a must. As a result of these experiences, Craig is comfortable writing under pressure and with high expectations for delivery.

Written communication has always been central to Craig's professional responsibilities. He uses words to elucidate and fortify. He produces persuasive prose on demand.


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Industry Projects

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  • Software3
  • Electronics2
  • Marketing1

Summary of Industry Experience


Technology is not the forte of small and medium business owners and executive. They are more focused on today's revenue and not likely to become enmeshed in a technological debates. Craig's writing presents material in a manner that can create a sense of urgency without putting off decision-makers.


Craig's writing experience in the software industry falls mainly in software feature and function analyses. His writing brings clarity to the frequently opaque decision-making process.


Craig's writing in the electronics field has been focused on the mobile device for consumer and business applications. In consumer markets, he has looked at market adoption rates and impacts on consumer behavior. On the business side, he has tracked and written about the deployment of in-building wireless voice communications.


Craig's marketing expertise is based upon his years as a marketing practitioner, market analyst, and account manager for business intelligence products. Craig has produced and sold information products such as competitive positioning, market opportunity analyses, and field sales tools. Since technology marketers are the buyers of these products, high-impact thinking and effective presentation material are a must.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post9
  • White Paper4
  • Mobile Content4
  • Web Page3
  • Article1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Craig’s blog post writing has focused on email marketing and marketing automation. Topics have included cross-channel campaign management, managing email campaigns, customer lifecycle marketing, and omnichannel engagement. These 500 word posts have accomplished both market education and solution positioning objectives. Thoughtful linking to relevant sources enhances the reader's experience.

White Paper

Craig’s White Paper proficiency scans subject matter from Business Intelligence software to Managed Services Providers (MSPs). His clear and well structured writing style achieves the educational and retention objectives of the White Paper format. As a former Market Analyst, his ability to place market place developments in context enables more informed reader decision making.

Mobile Content

Craig has delivered multiple projects in the mobile content asset type. These initiatives have been focused on marketing materials in support of a Lean Six Sigma tool. The marketing content was designed to be consumed on mobile devices and integrated with the company's App Store offering. The word count for these scenarios was 175 words.

Web Page

Craig's web page authoring has focused on the professional services marketplace related to business operations and IT management. These pages describe the benefits of using outsourced operations management professionals. The primary approach to pitching these services has been to highlight the real cost of not addressing outmoded processes. From a positive perspective, they highlight the benefits of receiving an external viewpoint from experienced business process professionals.


Craig's article writing is distinguished by negotiating the fine line between necessary subject matter detail and losing the reader's attention by going overboard with facts and figures. These balancing skills result from his working in a variety of asset types including white papers, brochures, sales proposals, and presentation formats. Craig limits iterations in the editing process by going through several rounds of refinements before handing off his material.

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