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Jamaal has always been accustomed to professional editing and writing. His desire for throughout the years has earned him the nickname "professor". Although Jamaal is just a junior in college, his experience and love for writing has seperated him from his pairs. Jamaal has written articles for religious organizations, as well as college institutions. His expertise and associates degree is in health sciences, however his excellent research skills have moved him into professional writing. Jamaal is currently writing his first book, and working on what he calls "the perfect blog". Given time, Jamaal can write professionally on any topic.


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Extensive background and experience in this topic. He has taught, and written on the various topics concerning the development and growth of the church. Jamaal has reached out to myriad institutions and systems in order to enhance the ecclessiastical outlook, these include homeless shelters, centers for abused women and children, and parks/recreational centers. His opportunities and experiences have created strategic writing platforms that have had a major impact amongst his industry.

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Facebook Post

Jamaal has a full understanding of Facebook as a social platform and business tool. He has over 5 years experience using this platform to market, brand, and sell products. Furthermore he uses it to raise awareness about issues and popular topics. He has worked specifically with several church groups and small businesses to create and post content to increase traffic on their websites.

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