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As a professional screenwriter/story specialist, Alan spent more than thirty years helping some of the most visible brands in the world use the power of story, to craft their message, and shape their image. He’s written the gamut, from speeches, to screenplays, web casts, musical theater and commercials, including projects for Hilton Hotels, Embassy Suites Hotels, FedEx, Arby’s, Ingram Entertainment, Bridgestone/Firestone, Warner Brothers Home Video, Disney Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount, and many more. He presently writes a blog, "Harnessing the Power of Story for Your Business" for AtelierIMD.com


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Summary of Industry Experience


For more than thirty years, Alan has written and produced countless shows and scripts for entertainment projects, corporate theater, theme parks, musicals and more. Alan specializes in allegorical tales that engage the heart, and educate the mind.


While someone else wrote the actual speech entitled “Picture It,” Alan developed the closing story, an allegory of the most famous picture of all time.

This piece played out on stage as a documentary film – in front of a giant screen – narrated “live” by the speaker. It even had a musical underscore helping the finale reach the soaring heights of the "Earth Rising" image itself.

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Summary of Product Experience


The genesis of “Family Business” came out of a meeting with the Garden Inn executive committee. Someone mentioned that current hotel lingo included the term “sleeping around,” which applied to guests who stayed at other hotel brands. A few minutes later the idea that “Hilton treats you like family” emerged.

Alan instinctively replied, “God! I hope it’s not my family!” Which led immediately to, “Wow? How funny would it be if it were my family?!” And, with that a Telly Award winning script was born.


Alan’s unique area of expertise is connection through story development. Once a speaker has decided on a topic for a speech, Alan helps craft an engaging, entertaining, allegory to support and expand on the chosen subject. Using parallel stories from the arts, science and exploration, personal achievement, even failure - Alan can spin a moving tale that “connects” with an audience, while reinforcing and tying together, the often mundane details of business management and the bottom line.

Blog Post

Alan began writing the AtelierIMD blog in 2016, as a tool to help other non-profit organizations develop their own stories. “Story Is Everything” is the first in a series of posts centered on story development and technique. Atelier is part of the non- profit American Entertainment Works founded in 2013.

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