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Joseph B. Dutson is a licensed contractor in the State of Arizona. He started in the construction industry at age 14, and has participated in every type of construction (industrial, civil, residential)during his 20 year career. He has functioned as laborer, skilled trade, project superintendent, estimator and project manager. Joseph is currently employed as a Senior Project Manager at a road construction company with 30+ employees. He creates publications for safety journals, construction information blogs, and websites. He also creates bid solicitations and follows up with project description publications for interested clients, prime contactors, and subcontractors. Joseph has written public awareness pamphlets and radio/television reads for project specific public awareness information broadcasts.

Joseph is also a father of two young boys that participate in sports, public/private events, and community celebrations. In his work with PTA's and other school/community based gatherings, Joseph was often counted on to produce publications and documents to move forward any agenda he believed in, or was asked to participate in. He built schedules, wrote documents, and created letters as required with great success and positive feedback.

Joseph went on a Church Mission when he was a young man. Although Joseph does not participate in any organized religion, he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to religious issues, political views, and lifestyle choice. There is really nothing Joseph does not have an opinion on, and his ability to express those views in a positive way in his publications is second to none.
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Construction, Fitness, Sports, Politics.


Politics, Sports, Fitness, Religion


University of Phoenix

Joseph studied online while employed as a project manager. He is currently working on his degree in Construction Management.


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During his time in this industry, Joseph would create publications for bid solicitations, project scope of work, contract agreements, subcontract agreements, submittal transmittals, requests for information (RFI's), statements of qualification (SOQ's), requests for proposals (RFP's), and many other types of construction documents. Joseph also wrote for construction websites, publications, and blogs as his time permitted and interest level warranted. Joseph is a veteran of the construction industry, and has a wealth of knowledge in this industry.


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Joseph's extensive experience in the construction field qualifies him for writing articles for various topics in the construction industry including but not limited to:

- Construction Innovations and Technology.
- Safety.
- Trends In a Changing Industry.
- Construction Hot Spots.
- Construction Economic Downturns.
- Construction in Energy.
- Industrial Construction.
- Article about a Specific Company.
- Politics of Construction

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Joseph has an expansive knowledge of various topics. His creative word usages and humorous undertones make for a good read, while also no shortage of laughter. Joseph believes that comedic relief keeps the reader engaged, even when the material is potentially boring and monotonous. Joseph has experience blogging about these topics.

- Politics
- Religion
- Construction
- Education

Feel free to try him out on other topics and prepare to be entertained!


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Joseph has been asked on many different occasions to write and prepare speeches for construction meetings, banquets, political candidacy, etc. He has been asked to write letters to certain people and groups outlining certain positions and argument to best represent the position of those that hired him. Even if Joseph does not agree with the position or platform of the client, he will create a speech that correctly and accurately positions the expresser to accomplish their goal. Joseph has a unique ability to join substance and levity to create the perfect balance of expression.

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