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James B is an Ivy League-educated serial entrepreneur who has started and run businesses for the past 17+ years. In that time, he has financed and developed a multitude of real-estate projects, raised capital and started 5 different companies. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of a publicly-traded company that focuses on lead generation and online marketing for major insurance carriers. His true business acumen lies in corporate operations and online marketing, which has been his specific focus for the past 6 years. He has written his own blog about business and marketing tips and has been published in major marketing publications.


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Industry Projects

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  • Business100+
  • Sports100+

Summary of Industry Experience


James B has been a business executive with a focus on marketing for the past 6 years. In addition to having hundreds of marketing articles published, he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of a publicly-traded online marketing company. He has a utilized methods such as: Online Media-Buying, Search Pay-Per-Click, Advertising Networks, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing to increase revenues for Fortune 500 companies. He is particularly passionate about writing how online marketing can help small business grow exponentially.

Real Estate

Coming out of college, James B started his 17+ year career by becoming a licensed mortgage broker. He financed hundreds of homes before turning his sights to the development and financing of commercial land properties. Between his involvement in and writing about hundreds of real estate transactions, James B is able to clearly transpose his real estate experience to writing. He understands the different aspects of real estate transactions and this proves to be very valuable for readers.


James B has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 17+ years and has written a multitude of white papers, blog entries and has been published in business journals. Having served as a Director of Business Development, a Chief Operating Officer and his current role of Chief Executive Officer, he has been exposed to many business challenges and trends. He has a large knowledge of general business operations and is able to clearly express his experiences through writing.


An avid fan of sports in general, James B was named to Florida's All-State Volleyball Team, played soccer throughout his childhood and adult life and many other sports and games. He is very knowledgeable in professional and college sports and is able to offer insightful, unique points of view through his writing. In addition to participating in sports, James B has been playing fantasy baseball, football and basketball since 1998.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Press Release100+
  • Article100+
  • Newsletter Content100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

James B has written over a thousand blog posts ranging in topics from small business start-ups to real estate trends. His vast business experience is transposed in a lucid manner to the reader as he is able to take complex concepts and simplify them to an uninformed reader. The unique mix of writing style and experience translates into very compelling, SEO-optimized writing for blogs.

Press Release

Working at the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer for a publicly-traded company, James B has written and dispersed a tremendous amount of press releases informing current shareholders, investment institutions and potential investors aware of material changes in the company. He is able to take the current operations of a company and clearly disclose them into a press release.


James B has written hundreds of articles which included SEO-Optimized content on a number of topics. In addition to guest-writing on many sites, his articles have been published in different industry publications including Ad Age and Biz Journals. His clear, concise writing style allows for an easy, informative read. His knowledge and research on subject matter adds a tremendous amount of value to the reader of his content.

Newsletter Content

James B has written a number of newsletters on a variety of topics. He is able to create compelling titles and content to insure readers have a high click-through rate, thus allowing the producer of the newsletter an effective advertising conversion. James B is able to utilize his extensive business and personal experiences to create extremely interesting content which subscribers will consistently look forward to reading.

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