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Jessica E. is a freelance writer with an accomplished background in business management. Working for a variety of industries, she has experience with healthcare and clinic management, natural healthcare/wellness, retail and visual management, as well as non-profit work for an animal welfare based organization.
She currently writes on a variety of topics, and her educational background in psychology enables her to research topics efficiently and objectively. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in psychology, adding to her expertise.
Jessica continues to be involved with charitable efforts, especially those surrounding animals and children. She currently volunteers and fosters for several organizations, in addition to being a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator for her state.


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Jessica E. has extensive work experience in the field of healthcare and natural health and wellness. In addition to managing a chiropractic/rehab/wellness clinic, she has an educational background in psychology, and a lifelong interest in health and wellness. She writes for a number of chiropractic and rehab clinics, as well as conventional medical clinics.


Jessica E. has an extensive career background in business management, from non-profits and small healthcare clinics, to international leaders in retail. Her educational background in psychology enables her to understand many of the issues facing businesses, especially when it comes to work environment and worker productivity. She has ghost written extensively for many business blogs, and provided email marketing as well.


Jessica E. has been a life-long animal lover. In addition to her personal love of animals, she has been involved in the management of a non-profit dedicated to animal welfare, as well as volunteer work for a number of other organizations. She does not just focus on companion animals, she even donates her time as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator for her state. She has written for a number of these organizations, in addition to helping them with website design and social media presence.

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The majority of Jessica's work is in the form of blog content. Though this is certainly not the only type of work she provides, she is very comfortable with the format, SEO, and research requirements needed to create quality blog content.

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