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Sierra is her pen name. It has become so much more than merely a moniker. But she'll leave you to discover all that for yourself; after all, that's why your here, right?

Sierra, along with her fiance' Allen and their two dogs, travel the country in a "big truck". He's the professional driver; she's along for the journey, and their two dogs supply endless hours of entertainment and comfort. Their truck is their home. Talk about tiny living! They live in a whole 120" of space. This is where they work, ride, cook, eat, sleep, dream, plan, and view the world. Oh yes, and she has the best office view! It's always right outside their windshield. Of course she has many hobbies to keep her busy during the long driving days. These include photography, painting (watercolors), and zentangle art. These interests and her insatiable curiosity have introduced many opportunities for Sierra to write. Her writing has opened doors to social marketing for a few trucking companies. Isn't it grand how things work sometimes?

Sierra's mind is filled with random obscure trivia and pop culture tidbits. She loves history and all things geeky. Did she mention she loves gadgets? And if it's cute and quirky, or remotely kitty related, she probably wants it.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Sierra is a product tester, brand ambassador, and blogger for the trucking and transportation industry. Over the past two years she has worked with several industry leaders, start-up companies, as well as event and marketing companies to help promote and improve the trucking industry.

Consumer Goods

Sierra frequently accepts products for testing and review. Her reviews are shared online through her blog, company websites or blogs, as well as through social media outlets. She has a diverse background that lends both a life-tested and often unique opinion to products.


Sierra tests and reviews tech products and apps that are useful in the trucking and transportation industry. She has a long history of experience with computers, tech, apps, and gadgets. Her knowledge includes computers, ranging from early Commodores to current Windows PCs, online gaming, iOS and Android, automotive advancements, and electronics. You might say she is a tech and gadget geek.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Sierra is adept at using social media for branding, marketing, and promotional purposes. She has a firm grasp on keywords and hashtag, as well as keeping up with trends.

Facebook Post

As an early onboarder for Facebook, Sierra has learned the nuances of communicating through this brand of social media, as well as many others. Sierra knows that as the most proliferate social media outlet, Facebook has become a must-have marketing tool. The nuances to reaching a target audience through social media involve a careful balance of marketing posts and social interaction. Consumers want to connect with the brands they trust on a human level. Social media marketing is not only helps bring in new leads, but also strengthen and retain faithful customers. Sierra's social nature and passion for writing blend well with all aspects of social marketing, especially Facebook.

Blog Post

Whether she is writing in a conversational voice, journalistic, or using a touch of humor, Sierra enjoys blogging. Her blog topics range from personal topics on life to business updates, reviews, and promotions. Regardless of what she is writing, however, one thing is certain, her blog entries are always informative and entertaining.

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