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Debra F. is a finance professional who has worked in banking with an emphasis on lending for over 25 years. During that time, she was able to utilize her writing skills by assisting with marketing and other work projects. She was always the "go to" person when loan officers needed a professionally written correspondence or assistance with grammar and proofreading. Debra has also worked as an independent writer during the last 5 years when she created and wrote all the content for 3 websites, and continues to maintain a blog for organic skincare. Her love of writing began in high school when she won a national writing contest and worked as Editor of the school newspaper. She is currently devoting all of her time to freelance writing. In addition to writing about finance, she also has many other interests. Debra is great at researching and writing about most any topic and welcomes a wide variety of writing projects.
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Business projects, articles for web content to emphasize SEO


Finance, business, organic skin care, home decorating, travel, spirituality, household tips, parenting, nature, cooking.


Mott College

Debra F. spent time during her finance career to attend college part-time while working full-time. Her original field of study was aimed at a career in Journalism but she also took business courses to enhance her banking career. While not earning a degree, Debra gained valuable knowledge in all of her studies. This educational background combined with work experience has helped her writing and banking careers.


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Debra F. has written extensively about career change, with an entire website devoted to the subject. She has survived her own job loss several times due to downsizing and economic factors. She has helped others through her writing to overcome their fears after job loss and inspired them to find new and rewarding careers. Debra finds this subject to be very easy to write about and can relate to the reader's feelings.


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Debra F. is an expert in the health benefits of using organic skincare products. After becoming concerned about the harsh chemicals and preservatives in the products she was using, she thoroughly researched the subject to gain more knowledge. She then created her own website devoted to helping others find the best information and skincare products with quality, organic ingredients.

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Debra F. is a natural when it comes to blog posts. She writes with an easy going style and a touch of humor. No matter what the subject is about, the reader feels like Debra relates directly to their thoughts and feelings. She always comes up with a unique approach which helps the reader to enjoy an original blog post. She often uses her own life experiences to achieve this objective but is able to make it sound that way regardless.

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