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Shawn has over 10 years' experience in writing various types of content on various subjects. She is adept at writing product descriptions, sales copy, articles, blog posts, press releases, buying guides, and short ebooks on topics including, but not limited to, beauty, family, home decor and more. Shawn understands search engine optimization and how important it is to helping people grow their business, and she uses best SEO practices in all her writing projects. Shawn prides herself on delivering quality content and meeting deadlines with each and every project. She believes thorough research is the foundation on which quality content is created. Shawn's dedication to providing her clients with high quality content and delivering quick turnaround times is what keeps them returning time and time again.


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Shawn L's Real Estate Industry Experience

0 Projects Completed

Real estate is a niche Shawn has spent a great deal of time writing about. With no shortage of exciting places and properties to cover, Shawn's experience on this topic is extensive.

Industry Projects

  • Health20+
  • Fashion10+
  • Women10+
  • Relationships10+
  • Garden10+
  • Beauty6
  • Kids/Family2
  • Nutrition0
  • Real Estate0

Summary of Industry Experience


Shawn has written for several health-related clients over the years. Topics she's covered include fitness and nutrition, healthy living and cooking, proper skincare and more.


Shawn has written many articles and blog posts related to the fashion industry. From reporting on the best and worst dressed at the Grammy's, to writing current event pieces on famous fashionistas, Shawn's expertise in this area is quite varied and accurate.


Shawn has written numerous blog posts for several women-oriented websites. Her expertise in the industry spans such topics as women's fitness and nutrition, marriage, motherhood and more.


Shawn has been a featured writer on a couple of relationship-related websites. Her writings encompassed longer, more in-depth articles on the intricacies of relationships and friendships. She offers advice, gives tips for success, and writes inspiring thoughts and tips to help people overcome heartache caused by breakups and low self-esteem.


As a featured writer on a well-known Gardening website, Shawn has written many articles and blog posts geared toward seasonal gardening, gardening tips and tricks and much, much more. She is a house gardener herself, so writing these types of articles is fun and easy for her. What she doesn't know about a particular type of gardening, Shawn puts her research skills to work to produce engaging, informative content.


Shawn has written blog posts, articles, product descriptions and web content for two major skincare websites.


Shawn has written several long articles for a well-known relationship website, as well as several shorter articles and blog posts for some mom-type and family websites that included recipes and pet niches.


The topic of nutrition is something Shawn knows well, Her experience writing in this niche spans such things as eating the right foods health, weight loss and treatment, as well as which foods to avoid for optimal health.

Real Estate

Real estate is a niche Shawn has spent a great deal of time writing about. With no shortage of exciting places and properties to cover, Shawn's experience on this topic is extensive.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+
  • Web Page10+
  • Product Description10+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Shawn's blog post writing is extensive. She has been a regular poster on two major skincare blogs, as well as several smaller mom-type, pet and recipe blogs. She also hosts a couple of her own blogs. Most of them are personal blogs, but one is a do-it-yourself project blog she plans to monetize in the near future.


Shawn has written numerous articles ranging from 300 words to more than 1000 each on a variety of topics.

Web Page

Shawn has written website content for a number of clients in a variety of niches. From home page content to About Us pages and FAQs, Shawn applies her extensive SEO skills to every web page she writes.

Product Description

Shawn has written both long and short product descriptions for a variety of clients and niches. Many of Shawn's clients have been large well-known companies online and off.

Press Release

Shawn has written many press releases for many different clients. These press releases range in subject matter from product announcements to promoting company events.

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