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Joan's writing experience has meandered from early journalism, through screenwriting and book publishing, onto the shorter forms of content writing. Research is very enjoyable for her and she loves finding ways to express complex subjects in everyday language. Her long experience as a psychotherapist has certainly provided her the ability to express clearly in ways that are easy to understand.


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Research and expository writing that was still personable and relateable was the expertise gained in her years in how-to gardening for a major content media company. For a life-long gardener with expertise in all matters organic, it hardly felt like a job. Joan's love of the gardening industry comes through each piece of writing.

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After many hundreds of content articles for a major how-to website, Joan discovered that blog post writing provided opportunity for a more immediate expression of "voice". Years of direct one-to-one relationships with people as a psychotherapist have honed her skills to draw people easily into to a subject.

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