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Austin M has years of experience working in a high-volume Web development environment, producing sales copy and search engine-optimized web content for small businesses in the tech industry, among many others. He excels at delivering insight and value to his clients' customers, using careful research to produce content that stands out.

Austin runs an English-language services company that works with international music artists and record labels. His web content and sales copy represent artists with authenticity; his lyric translations and original verses have charted in a number of European countries such as Romania, Hungary, and Holland.


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Austin M's Web Page Product Experience

1,017 Projects Completed

Austin has experience working for a high-volume Web developer, producing Web content for an average of 20 websites per week for more than a year. His ability to efficiently research the SEO needs of various industries and produce successful copy quickly made him an important member of the writing team.

Industry Projects

  • High Tech500+
  • Technology500+
  • Bio/Pharm500+
  • Science500+
  • Construction100+
  • Business100+
  • Appliance100+
  • Auto100+
  • Electronics50+
  • Garden20+
  • Music10+

Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

Austin is a talented and deeply knowledgeable writer of tech content, particularly in the cybersecurity industry. He has worked across the entire cybersecurity spectrum, from interviewing anonymous hackers in Romania to producing web content for multinational security firms. In each case, his experience speaks to the concerns of the common user, providing useful insight and innovative solutions to common problems.


Austin has written numerous blogs and informative articles for tech startups and IT companies seeking to gain an edge in the highly competitive tech sector. He is familiar with SaaS software, managed IT, and B2B applications. This familiarity gives him an advantage when describing highly technical products and services in ways that even laypeople can instantly understand.


Austin enjoys an WriterAccess endorsement for the Bio/Pharm industry, one in which is he has specialized personal experience. Austin carefully verifies his content's claims and makes sure that every statement can be corroborated by a high authority website such as WebMD or MayoClinic. As any good researcher should, he also has a blacklist of sites whose claims cannot be trusted, and avoids them when content that people's health may rely on.


Austin Mitchell has written sales copy for industrial chemical manufacturers and tech startups alike. He uses his in-depth knowledge of new technologies and of the growing audience of individuals interested in what new tech has to offer to provide targeted content that appeals broadly, yet compels personally. He has written web content, sales copy, blog articles and product descriptions on scientific subjects.


Austin has written Web copy for a large number private contractors and construction firms. His websites typically follow a five-page format consisting of a Home Page, About Us and three Service Pages. These sites were optimized to rank highly in local search engine results, earning their owners valuable lead generation benefits.


Austin wrote content for hundreds of small businesses, including security firms, plumbers and electrical service companies. He prefers to follow a 5-page format when creating high quality content for business websites. The typical site consists of a Home Page, About Us and three Service Pages. All of his content benefits from expert implementation of location-specific SEO keywords.


Austin has written Web content, blog posts and product descriptions for HVAC companies and kitchen appliance manufacturers. He draws on experience whenever possible and uses verifiable, accurate research to fill in the gaps and produce persuasive copy in this industry.


Austin has written Web content for businesses that specialize in auto restoration, collision repair, auto sales, repair and more. In each case, he combined in-depth knowledge of the auto industry with proven tactics for increasing lead generation and providing value to his clients and their customers.


Austin produces high quality Web content for electronic retailers and service companies in a variety of industries. Some examples of companies he has worked for include security system installers, mobile phone service providers and computer retailers. In each case, methodic research allows him to inform, educate and sell effectively.


Austin has written for a number of home & garden businesses, including retailers who need high quality product descriptions and property maintenance services such as tree removal companies and landscape artists. He has spent years developing his copy to reflect and serve the needs of consumers in this field.


Austin contributed a weekly series of articles for RadioWave Monitor, which aggregates artists' radio performance among terrestrial and Internet radio services. The articles examined trends in international music using a wealth of data provided by the company. Examples include statistic-driven articles about gender roles in music for certain European territories as well as speculative crossover potential for specific songs and artists.

Product Projects

  • Web Page1,000+
  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Austin has experience working for a high-volume Web developer, producing Web content for an average of 20 websites per week for more than a year. His ability to efficiently research the SEO needs of various industries and produce successful copy quickly made him an important member of the writing team.


Austin has written hundreds of articles for small business clients, ranging from simple instructional tutorials to complex content marketing strategy material. In each case, he draws on years of experience to produce results using tried-and-true methods combined with the latest developments in the all-important realm of SEO.

Blog Post

Austin has experience producing blog content using a trustworthy, authoritative voice that shows expertise. This is useful in the blog format since readers generally do not have any indicators of authority other than the quality and usefulness of the content they are reading.

Product Description

Austin is an effective product description writer, with thousands of completed descriptions made of products as varied as home furniture, chemotherapy drugs and advanced audio processing software. He uses action verbs, a feature/benefit approach and consumer-perspective imagery to paint a picture of using the product in question, convincing the reader of its value in the process.

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