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Christopher is a technical communication professional whose skill set includes technical writing, editing, and usability analysis. His experience in the business sector involves creating procedural documentation, including user guides, business policies, and learning modules in both print and web formats. In addition to freelance writing and editing, Christopher has over a decade of experience working to improve business processes in the banking industry, where he handles projects focused on risk management and communication: in brief, writing procedures and related documentation to evidence compliance with federal and state regulations, especially for mitigating financial and legal risks. (Note: Since he presently works for a bank, he currently will not accept any freelance work from competitors within the banking and finance industry.)

His academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in both English and Spanish studies as well as a Master of Science (M.S.) in Scientific & Technical Communication. He now applies this knowledge in his profession to enhance usability, training, and information design in business communication. When the occasion arises, he also enjoys creative writing and blogging about technology and culture.
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Technical Writing, Editing, Documentation, User Experience, Cognitive Ergonomics, Creative Nonfiction


Language Arts, Literacy, Risk Management, Usability, Cognitive Science, Media Ecology


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

As an undergraduate, Christopher received a bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota, where he focused on language arts and literacy with a double major in English and Spanish studies.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

In graduate school, Christopher earned a master's degree in Scientific & Technical Communication. His research focused on cognitive ergonomics, or applying findings and methods from cognitive science to better understand learning processes and reading practices of people as they use different media and technologies.


50 Projects Completed

With nearly a decade of experience in technical writing, Christopher has used his subject-matter expertise in usability to enhance business documentation, including professional procedures and user guides in both print and online formats. One misunderstanding about technical writing is that it is difficult-to-read communication. Christopher's philosophy is the opposite: he strives to break down complex information and relate it through easy-to-read media for someone who's not necessarily an expert.


24 Projects Completed

Since 2011, Christopher has written educational material for college students who have asked for clear summaries of technical books and science articles. Having picked up this skill during graduate school, he occasionally writes readable synopses of books, articles, or general topics in cognitive science and media studies. Some of his past work includes writing a series of articles in linguistics.

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36 Projects Completed

In the blogosphere, Christopher enjoys writing creative nonfiction. His online writing is typically educational in nature and purpose. In the past, he collaborated to write science articles for educational blogs and sites. At present, he authors an educational blog (Mindful Media Musing), which looks at the relationship between mind and media from scientific, artistic, and philosophical perspectives.


7 Projects Completed

As a technical writer, Christopher writes educational articles and technical pieces on demand. For Christopher, however, educational and technical writing does not mean complicated articles about obscure information. Instead, it means making difficult information accessible and readable to a wide audience. In short, his goal is to write user-friendly articles for non-experts.

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