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Heather's passion for writing started in childhood. She took journalism and literature classes in high school and college to nurture that talent. Heather currently runs a humor blog that has allowed her to network into the world of writing, meeting amazing authors and journalists in the field. She has written as a confidential guest poster on several blogs and this in turn led Heather to seek out writing for others as a profession. She is currently writing a humorous short story book about her career in the field of Early Childhood Education.
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Heather is a well-read person who can write about a wide variety of topics.


Reading and writing are Heather's passion. She does not have a favorite subject, the world is too vast to pick just one. Heather spends her spare time with a precocious English bulldog named Lola, who enjoys having a great story read aloud to her.


University of Hawai'i

Heather attended the University of Hawai'i, completing her Associate in Arts Degree in 2004 at Leeward Community College. She then continued within the UH system and embarked on her career in the Early Childhood Education program. Heather earned her Certificate of Competence in the Infant and Toddler age groups before leaving school to begin a career that would span the next 13 years. Heather greatly enjoyed her extra curricular classes that included literature and journalism, a topic she would find her way back to later in life.


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In many homes, pets are a cherished family member. Articles that provide important information on the health and well being of those beloved pets are of utmost importance. Heather wants to educate and inspire pet parents and enable them to give the most to their furry family members. Animal testing is a topic dear to Heather’s heart and she strives to educate people on how we can end this practice permanently.


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Heather finds humor in almost any situation and believes in sharing that humor through writing. Capturing the attention of your readers is vital and humor can be a powerful tool. With three years of experience writing on this topic, Heather can make even a grumpy cat crack a smile. (She guesses you are smiling as you read this right now.) Heather believes that sarcasm is her calling in life and she uses it to her advantage.


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Heather has 13 years of experience working with children from birth through age 18. She majored in Early Childhood Education at the University of Hawai'i and brings that knowledge to her writing. Whether you need information about appropriate discipline based on age, or advice articles based on personal experience, Heather can meet that need. Through years of relationship building with other professionals, no topic escapes Heather’s expertise.

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Heather can compose well-written blog posts that inform, entertain, and elicit responses from the online community. She knows that writing about a variety of topics can increase web traffic and bring in readers of differing backgrounds. Heather’s favorite topics include pets, product reviews, and humor. Heather prides herself on being able to tackle topics that are comical or serious in nature.

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