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Barbara has been writing for several web-based clients and owns three blogs at Wordpress, HubPages and Triond. She is writing a nonfiction e-book aimed at military spouses. She is also writing a fiction book.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Barbara has written diet and nutrition for all ages; asthma, allergies, migraine headache, diabetes, GERD, ADD/ADHD.

She has a close friend who has diabetes. Her friend has educated himself on healthy eating as he works to maintain his current health. She suffers from chronic allergies and asthma, and has been able to use her experiences to help others.

Her sons have both suffered from migraine headaches. She used her experience in helping her sons in writing her articles. One of her sons deals with ADHD and has learned coping skills. As a result of her asthma, Barbara has also been diagnosed with GERD.


As a former social worker, Barbara is well-versed in child development along the lifespan. She writes articles about effective and healthy parenting. These articles may also cover abuse and neglect issues, which impact the normal development of children subjected to both abuse and neglect.

She hopes to continue educating the public about abuse, neglect and its effects on society.


Barbara has written how-to articles for cross-stitch, beadwork and crochet. Her articles tell about these crafts as well as instructing and giving step-by-step instruction from beginning to end.

Barbara's work also provides tips and warnings to readers who are new to these crafts.


Barbara has written articles aimed at students (private, public and college) and their parents about education-related topics. She deliberately chose articles ranging from choosing a college, choosing a major and funding a college education.

As she wrote her articles, she kept her own experiences and those of her children in mind.


Guitars, writing about music and violin


Barbara has written human resources articles as well as tongue-in-cheek articles about behavior and actions in an office setting. As clients have requested articles touching on human resources topics, she used her past experiences as an office manager to craft her work.


Barbara has written Love List articles, using satire, humor and sarcasm, about the current presidential race. While she has not revealed her political party affiliation, she has worked to highlight some of the more extreme political stances of the current Republican presidential candidates.

Her work in this area has led her to become more politically active.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Barbara writes articles that educate and inform readers, using captivating language. Her articles span the range of topics from infant care and parenting to personal budgeting.

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