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Grace P. is a skilled copywriter who has been giving clients the content they need since 2007. She is an efficient writer and thorough researcher with a strong respect for deadlines. She has produced work for both private clients and larger publishers, including material published with SFGate, LiveStrong and other major sites.


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Industry Projects

  • Garden100+
  • Food100+
  • Medical100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Grace has written extensively about gardening, especially organic and sustainable practices. Her articles have covered plant troubleshooting, difficult climates, specific plant care and many other topics. Many of her pieces have been published by SFGate and other major websites.


Grace P. has a deep interest in food. Her areas of expertise include cooking, nutrition, special diets and food history. She has explored a range of different cuisines and cooking techniques in her work, and she's always ready to write about something new.


Grace P. specializes in making medical information easy to understand She works directly from peer-reviewed research, translating it into everyday speech. Her medical articles have covered topics ranging from the science behind "super foods" to basic information for diabetic seniors.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Grace P. specializes in readable, informative articles based on quality sources. She thoroughly researches every topic to produce readable, original content. She can produce efficient, competent writing on any subject, whether it's to promote a business or inform the public. No matter what kind of article her clients need, she is ready to provide well-edited content to suit.


Books, whether print or digital, require a different approach than articles. Grace P. specializes in writing informative, well-organized texts that keep readers' attention. Books provide an opportunity to visit topics in depth, guiding readers through the details. She has written books for private clients covering a range of topics, including health and nutrition texts, cookbooks, and exotic animal guides.

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