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The Scabs – November, 2017 (Fantasy)
Cruel Winters (The Fabrick Weavers #3) – March, 2017 (YA sci-fantasy)
Rusted Heröes – September, 2016 (Fantasy)
The Siren House – September, 2016 (Sci-fi)
Aftertaste – January, 2016 (German edition) (Horror)
Sired by Stone (The Fabrick Weavers #2) – March, 2015 (YA sci-fantasy)
- German translation by Papierverzierer Verlag coming November, 2016
Fabrick (The Fabrick Weavers #1) – November, 2013 (YA sci-fantasy)
- German translation by Papierverzierer Verlag coming January, 2016
Knuckleduster – March, 2013 (Sci-fi)
- Nominated by the Midwest Independent Bookseller Association Award in the Adult Fiction category
- German translation by Luzifer Verlag coming January, 2016

Ghostwriting Clients
In 2015, he was chosen by Paper Lantern Lit to be part of their team of ghostwriters for science-fiction and fantasy projects. He is also part of WiseInk Creative Publishing as a freelance writer and editor for their genre fiction and autobiography departments.

Crixeo magazine – Head Film Reviewer and Features Editor
A Brave New Word magazine – Assistant Editor / Acquisitions Editor, Fiction
Conjectural Figments magazine – Founder, Head Editor

“10 Eldritch Gifts for the Lovecraft Fan in Your Life” – Crixeo magazine – May, 2016
“10 Best Underwater Movies” – Taste of Cinema – April 2016
"Best Samurai Films" - Crixeo Magazine - April 2016
“Strangest Roles of Dennis Hopper” – Taste of Cinema – April 2016
“10 Best Kubrickian Films Not by Stanley Kubrick” – Taste of Cinema – April 2016
“Spent Your Night Binge Watching & Gaming Again?” – Crixeo magazine – April 2016
“Have reindeer, will travel” – St. Croix Valley Lowdown – December 2014
“Go Back Ten” – Connotation Press – 2012
“Narcissism” – Brave New Word – 2012

Published Short Stories
“Zoa” Revolt Daily, October, 2013 – Winner of “A Different Kind of Superhero” short story competition
“The Brick Man” Durable Goods, June 2012
“The YA Author” Ink Bean, May 2011
“The Bearer of Bad News” In Between Altered States, December 2010
“The Sugar of Mars” Cannoli Pie, August 2010
“Happy Birthday” The Legendary, August 2010
“Harold” The Legendary, July 2010
“Scavenge” Underground Voices, June 2010

Into Dusk – screenplay, co-writer http://vimeo.com/108843586
The Polka Kings of Chihuahua – screenplay, ghostwriter
The Chop Shop – screenplay, ghostwriter
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Genre fiction - Writing: Andrew has had published several novels, both for adults and young adult. He is very good with world-building and adventure-type stories.

Genre fiction - Developmental editing: For Andrew retaining author voice is absolutely key. He always pushes for concise, clean copy and loves working with authors who are very excited to get their work in front of readers.

Screenplay - Doctoring as well as ghostwriting: Andrew has had a lot of fun working on screenwriting projects. For him it's a real blast to take someone's notes and rough sketches and mold it into a coherent, streamlined story for them. In 2015 a sci-fi short film he co-wrote was produced and went on to become an award-winning piece titled Into Dusk.

Journalism - I write a lot of top ten best-of lists for both Crixeo magazine and Taste of Cinema. I've also covered local news for small presses around town here and written about art for other magazines; mostly film and books and video games.


Andrew lives for the written word. You would think after spending all type writing or editing he would be sick of books, but he never is. In his spare time he's always hunting down old editions of the classics, as well as running my online store where he sells used books.


Rochester Technical and Community College

BA in Journalism.


28 Projects Completed

Andrew Post has written several novels, has had numerous short stories published, and has worked for several news sources, entertainment magazines, and blogs. He is the author of the novels Knuckleduster, Fabrick, Sired by Stone, The Siren House, Aftertaste, and Rusted Heroes. Three of his novels have been translated into German, where they have obtained a wide readership. He has ghost-written several screenplays for paying clients, and co-wrote a science-fiction short film Into Dusk which garnered a few independent film awards. He works as a developmental editor for WiseInk Publishing where he helps clients to shape and focus their science fiction and fantasy novels and prepare them for publication. He is also among the stable of ghostwriters who work on assignment for Paper Lantern Lit helping to develop plots and story arcs for the novels they seek to shop to publishers.


6 Projects Completed

Andrew Post has written several novels, both for adult readers and young adult. His main focus is genre fiction. He has written cyberpunk thrillers, a sprawling YA sci-fantasy adventure, a post-apocalyptic story of survival, and a fantasy novel that's anything but quiet and normal.

His debut novel, Knuckleduster, was nominated for the Best Adult Fiction Award by the Midwest Independent Bookseller Association.

His second novel, Fabrick, the first in a series about super-powered teens fighting to save their home from a corrupt king, has become a fan favorite of fantasy YA lovers. It's universal praise led to Fabrick getting picked up for a translation in 2014, swiftly followed by its beloved sequel, Sired by Stone.

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4 Projects Completed

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