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Joelle H. is an outdoor enthusiast who has led 70+ college students on hiking, climbing and skiing trips throughout Colorado and Wyoming. She is the co-founder of a design and copywriting agency that specializes in web and print copy. Joelle has practical experience with writing about the outdoors, fitness, food, alternative living, and languages. She is currently a contributor the Fort Collins Courier where she covers topics like sustainable living, music, and healthy living.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Joelle crafts both narrative and technical prose to guide, inform, or entertain readers about the outdoors. She recently completed a 6,000 word trail guide to 7+ treks and destinations in the Sierra Madre Range, Mexico. She collaborated with conservation experts and local coffee cooperative members to understand how trails are used. She interpreted GPS waypoints and local information to produce easy to use, detail-rich final product.


As a resident of Colorado and an athlete, Joelle gets emerging and alternative fitness trends. She has written about and practiced yoga, pilates, African dance, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing and countless other fitness pusuits. She loves to write about the ways that fitness routines can transform our lives for the better. Fitness trends she hasn't yet dabbled in--but would love to write about--include acroyoga, hip hop dancing, and an underground, alternative to the triatholon called a "picnic," in which you run to a lake, swim across, then climb a mountain.


Joelle has hands-on classroom experience in education and has blogged about the ways that technology is changing our approaches to literacy and tips for new teachers. She spent 1 year working with 30+ middle school and high school aged youth in an after-school program for at-risk youth and she uses her experiences to help teachers find their voice and approach teaching challenges in an involved, compassionate way.

Green Living

Writing about green living is one of Joelle's favorite things, because it's a topic she believes in wholeheartedly. She recently penned an article about food waste in America, and she loves to write on topics like minimalist living, recycling, freeganism, and composting. She is part of the "freegan" movement and is working on a long-form piece aimed at young people about actionable steps to reducing food waste.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Email Copy

Joelle utilizes a company's core values and identity to write engaging, relational email copy. She is highy skilled in concisely and clearly communicating a company's services, all while sticking to tone and length specification. For this marketing piece for a design company, she accurately highlighted the company's key services with clear, descriptive prose to draw in new clients.

Blog Post

Joelle has completed a Skillshare class on creating top-notch blog content. She practices breaking up text with pictures, infographics and supplying numerous statistics to build a convincing argument. Whether it's a humorous piece, a canonical overview of a subject, or a post based in personal experience, Joelle will craft a post that is engaging and informative.

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