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April has a bachelor of science in social policy and a master's degree in education. As an undergraduate, she completed an internship at the National School Boards Association. There, she had the opportunity to compose an article on the potential pitfalls of bilingual education. The piece was published in their National Education Policy Network periodical. During her undergraduate and graduate years, April wrote a variety of research papers, article critiques, and reports on student work.


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April wrote article critiques and case studies while in graduate school. While working at a summer youth program for blind children and teens. she also wrote weekly reports on student progress. April composed longer, more detailed reports while serving as an interim instructor teaching older students in the adult training program at the Louisiana Center for the Blind.

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As an undergraduate, April wrote an article for publication while interning at the National School Boards Association. The article discussed some of the potential drawbacks of bilingual education in the typical American classroom. The position taken in the article was presented through research, not merely opinion. The article appeared in a bimonthly NSBA publication.

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This is an excerpt from a blog post about a public protest in Chicago.

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