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Logan Taylor lives and breathes film, television, and popular culture. She hasn't come up for air in 15 years — always watching, reading, reviewing, curating, listing, and listening to all things film and TV. She earned a MFA in Film and Television Studies from Boston University in 2014 and has since programmed for SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. She has written over 150 film reviews on her personal blog and easily takes on long form analyses and contemporary news stories. Her work ranges from intellectual to quirky, depending on the subject matter at hand. If you want to see her at her most persuasive and passionate, tell her you don't understand the appeal of horror movies.


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Through her Master's Degree education in Film and Television studies, Logan has written hundreds of pages of detailed film and television analysis on historical and contemporary entertainment topics. She has been commissioned to write a film review for Cineaste Magazine, maintains a personal film review blog, has contributed to the popular culture blog Audacity Oven, and has also written extensively for the SXSW Film Festival website in an entertainment news and promotions capacity.

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On Logan's personal film review blog, loganreviews.blogspot.com, she has posted over 150 reviews of popular contemporary film titles. She has also contributed to popular culture blog Audacityoven.com.


As an administrator for the SXSW Film Festival, Logan wrote news articles on the sxsw.com website to highlight major announcements regarding the film program, film awards host, and competition jurors.

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