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For 23 years Michelle managed a small law firm just outside of Syracuse, New York. She not only interviewed clients and prepared files for court, she did extensive research and wrote hundreds, if not thousands, of legal briefs throughout her career.


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Michelle has had extensive experience writing for law firms across New York State, and most recently has branched out to a variety of law firms up and down the East coast. While personal injury and family law are her main focus, she has also written for law firms that deal with estates, wills, DWI and criminal law.


Michelle has written a number of articles for content marketing sites centered around appliance repairs and sales. Her focus is on providing the reader with a little bit of how-to knowledge, followed up by a call to action, advising the reader they're best servied by utilizeing the services of the appliance repair company.

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Michelle has written countless blog posts for a number of different industries, including health, children, family, legal, home and appliances. Michelle knows the need for content that engages the customers, and keeps them coming back for more.

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