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A successful writer for over 6 years, Adam has gained experience as a consistent blog poster, copywriter, and legal assistant. The bulk of his writing experience comes from his time writing a column for his law school's newspaper, The Jeffersonian. Journalism work is what Adam is most passionate about, yet he is still an experienced writer in many fields. He pays meticulous attention to details such as grammar, punctuation, tone, and style.

Adam's educational background:

-Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Philosophy.

-Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree in Law.

Adam's experience:

- Writer for law school newspaper, The Jeffersonian. Published a consistent column where I covered issues based on politics, foreign policy, and criminal justice.

- He previously worked as a dedicated blog writer and social media content creator. The majority of the articles written were based on a technical service provided by his employer. Adam's responsibility was to make the information relevant and understandable to the company's audience.

- He has interned for a criminal defense law firm and an employment law firm. During this time he learned how to write in the strong no-nonsense style that law requires.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Adam S. is an FINRA certified proprietary trader, who has been working for an equity trading firm, T3 Live, for 1 year. During that time, he apprenticed under many highly experienced traders. His trading style is based on technical and fundamental analysis of short and long term market behaviors. He currently writes trading strategy plans for a small team within the company.

Web Development

Adam has worked as the head of All American Water Restoration's IT department. During his time there, he managed all e-commerce, blog writing, and website maintenance. He also worked closely with search engine optimization contractors leading him to have a fundamental knowledge of the marketing technology. Managed companies image on all relevant social media services.


Adam Spera recently earned his J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Adam contributed articles to the LLM international tax journal and wrote consistently for the school newspaper, The Jeffersonian. His study focused on international law allowing him to study abroad in China for one month during the summer. Adam interned in a Criminal defense firm, a lobbying firm, and an employment law firm. During that time he was able to get a big picture look at how the law functions across multiple disciplines.

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Summary of Product Experience


Adam is a writer and editor for his law school's newspaper. His focus is on social and political topics that have taken place in the past or the present. Adam can write a scathing review of a political figure or a gentle puff piece for the local walk-a-thon. Looking for a serious newspaper esq. writting style, Adam is your writer.


Adam has published a thesis on American history in which he debates the morality of war. He writes many short stories for fun during his free time. Because of his background in finance and law, he can also write solid non-fiction books that are heavily researched and fact-checked. Ultimately he is a well rounded writer that can take on many styles.


Rich speech writing skills that range from motivational to highly technical. Adam has contributed writing to his debate team, the moot court honor society, the club for alternative dispute resolution, and his school newspaper. Looking for a highly articulate speech with some foundation in legality or finance? Adam is your writer.

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