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Khondkar is the founder of tradingninvestment.com, which specializes in quantitative and technical analysis of stocks, derivative (option), trading and investing. He previously worked as a trader in T3 trading, largest prop trading firm in North America, for 5 years and extensively gained hands on experience in Equity, derivative, technical analysis, quantitative analysis and risk management. Khondker has written frequently for investment oriented websites such as Yahoo, Quora. Khondker holds a MS in finance from Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester. He is also currently pursuing a data analytic certification in Business Analytics Specialization from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.
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Investing, Trading, Stock, option, risk management, data analytic


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UNiversity Of Rochester

Khondker holds a Master in Finance from Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester.


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Khondker has over 5 years’ experience in US stock market as a trader and market commentators. He gained expertise in Stocks, indexes, ETF and derivative, risk management over the time. He likes to explain market and market activities from macro sense and believe that market price action is the final for all decision making.


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Khondker writes research based article. Most of his articles are details and descriptive in nature and are trying to contact all level of audience using data, inorganic as well as text. Even though his articles emphasis one single theme, he also highlights other related facts so audiences do not need to read referral articles to comprehend the subject matter.

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Khondkar is an expert in data analytic and love to work with data. His investment strategy is based on data driven. He back tests all his ideas before any trade and used data and chart as an essential components of his article. Without proven data based assessment, investment has the risk to fail in the long run.

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