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Bill has 35+ years experience as an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Documentation Manager. He worked in technical areas including avionics, systems integration, mobile software, SaaS.

Several years ago he left the corporate world to care for sick parents. He supported himself building websites, writing technical “how-to” books, and leading online courses. Now, with family issues behind him, he has the time to take on some freelance clients.

His atypical career path taught him to work well with a wide range of clients and audiences. Clients like Honeywell and Microsoft, McGraw-Hill and other book publishers, even pre-IPO startups. Audiences from computer beginners, to B2B buyers, to engineers building aircraft systems.

He's skilled at learning complex technologies like VPNs and cryptocurrencies. And he excels at turning that raw data into understandable content for a target audience.

Bill is looking to contribute to projects that need these skills. He's particularly interested in subjects that empower individuals such as online privacy.
High Tech


* Technical How-To articles and lessons that help regular users benefit from modern technologies.
* Reviewing technical products like SaaS business systems for marketing use.
* Analyzing complex tech like VPNs and cryptocurrencies then explaining them in laymen's terms.


VPNs, Online Privacy, Cybersecurity, Bitcoin and other Crytpocurrencies


University of Rochester



400 Projects Completed

Bill has 35+ years of experience working in, writing about, and teaching technology.

In his more than two decades working as an Electrical Engineer and Systems Integration Engineer, he designed and tested avionics systems for military and commercial aircraft and flight simulators.

In 1993, he began a transition to the world of publishing. Since then, Bill has written 16 technical "how-to" books, a series of online courses, and hundreds of articles for clients ranging from pre-IPO startups to industry giants like Microsoft, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan Publishing, and IDG Books.

Bill is skilled at learning complex technologies, from aircraft navigation systems like GPS to cutting-edge technologies like VPNs and cryptocurrencies. He excels at making these technical topics understandable and actionable for any desired level of target audience.


100 Projects Completed

Bill is skilled at writing about all aspects of software. He has written every kind of code from screensavers to edutainment (educational games) to navigation software for commercial flight simulators.

Now as a technical writer this range of experience helps him get up to speed quickly on any level of software product. Serving customers worldwide, he was written the following types of content for software publishers, users, and marketers:

* How-To articles, books, and courses for end users of software products
* Technical marketing reviews of VPNs and SaaS business products
* Documentation for technicians maintaining a SaaS Network Management system

High Tech

30 Projects Completed

Thanks to his skill at understanding complex technologies and explaining them in laymen's terms, he has written numerous articles on topics such as:

* Plain English explanations of Blockchains, Dapps, and Distributed Ledgers
* The effectiveness of the Incognito modes of various web browsers
* Understanding and fixing DNS Leaks
* Comparisons of IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN and other protocols
* Analyses of the I2P privacy protocol, the Tor network, and VPNs and which is best for specific use cases


200 Projects Completed

Bill creates technical articles of all types for clients located around the world. In some cases his work appears under his own name; in others he is the ghost writer. A former Electrical and Systems Engineer, he now supports himself writing full time.

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