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Dhanesh M. has a great deal of experience reaching out to different types of audiences. As a Project Coordinator for an architectural firm he honed his persuasive writing skills as he reached out to clients, both current and prospective, and his technical and professional writing skills were sharpened as he wrote out contracts and job proposals for upcoming work.

Dhanesh went on to write articles for a website geared towards a humorous take on health, in addition to writing and editing a 120,000 word novel manuscript.


Dhanesh is well versed in composing copy correlating to health, technology, lifestyle trends, fictional scenarios, professional proposals, contracts and anything that can be researched.


Writing, researching new things, fiction novels, football, animals.


New York Institute of Technology

Dhanesh's education covers a range of subjects as opposed to one discipline, allowing him to supplement his writing with his background in other areas.


2 Projects Completed

As a staff writer and a contributing writer, Dhanesh M. has demonstrated his natural affinity for bringing health topics to the average reader in an easily understood fashion. Research is critical in this area, and Dhanesh has a knack for finding credible sources and using them to their fullest potential as he crafts engaging copy for his audiences.


100 Projects Completed

Dhanesh M. has composed countless proposals during his time working in the construction sector in New York City. As a member of a private architectural firm, he helped start projects by writing up contractually binding documents needed to begin working relations with new clients. New projects with existing clients also required modified agreements, which Dhanesh produced in a timely fashion in order to keep things moving forward.


0 Projects Completed

Dhanesh M. has completed a full novel manuscript, which he edited himself after a brief peer review period. The length of the book exceeds 100,000 words, but he still went through it meticulously, revising and editing the text as needed. Writing a book, a task that requires great discipline and motivation, stands as an indicator of Dhanesh's dedication to the writing craft.

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