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As a freelance writer for over a decade, Eric has written articles, blog posts, and several other types of writing material in a variety of topic areas. Eric has written material for clients regarding computer technology, social media, home improvement, finance, marketing, search engine optimization, small business, self-help, health, real estate, and numerous other topics.

Eric is the owner of a computer consulting business and enjoys the challenge of freelance writing. He holds an advance degree in computer information systems and business management. Eric writes from a unique perspective that combines the logical structured viewpoint of technology with the creative approach of freelance writing.

With his writing, Eric provides a story telling experience that guides the reader through the writing while still providing the ultimate goal of the written material. Whether informational, educational, instructive, sales oriented, or emotional, Eric delivers a writing style that reaches the desired goal.

Eric writes as a freelance writer for individuals, small businesses, and corporations looking for the desired writing material to meet their particular goals. In addition, Eric has several blogs and websites that he owns. For his blogs and websites, he writes all the various website content, articles, and blog posts. Additionally, Eric has written one book and is currently in the process of completing his second book.
Search Marketing
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Eric provides writing content in a variety of areas. He specializes in the following:

*Blog posts
*Article writing
*Website copy
*Press releases
*Instructional content
*Sales copy


Eric's areas of interest include sports, reading, writing, technology, church, music, real estate, family, and friends.

Search Marketing

0 Projects Completed

Eric has over a decade of experience writing articles and blog posts concerning search marketing. Eric uses the experience and knowledge acquired involving search engine optimization,website design, online marketing, and other Internet related activities to write useful, interesting, and knowledge based information. The topics that Eric has covered include SEO, email maketing, social media, and small business marketing.

Blog Post

11 Projects Completed

Eric is an experienced blog writer who writes blog posts that deliver the desired message. Eric has written hundreds of blog post that cover a wide range of topics such as real estate, self-help, health, automotive, marketing, and technology. Eric writes blog posts that offer real information in a style that is interesting, easy to read, and informative.

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