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Paul has been an avowed writer from the time he commenced his graduate degree in psychology, where he has since produced over 1,200 pages of original writings on psychology, education, law, and sociology. After attending law school, however, the caliber of Paul's writing necessarily moved up a notch, as the intellects of his professors were invariably more finely tuned. There, Paul received -- out of a class of 69 -- the Best Paper Award for a class Wills & Trusts. Further, he wrote an 70 page legal brief arguing for a change in the law; a brief now respected by Federal Judges as well as some of the nation's most prestigious law school deans. Additionally, Paul produced a 67 page paper entitled "Tea Parties and Abusive Sovereigns," a paper Ted Cruz may have read (two of his mentors possessed a copy) prior to defining his own campaign's economic policy. Although moderate in his politics, that paper has been hailed by some of the nation's foremost conservative intellectuals. The paper was one -- among several -- reasons why Hannan's law school dean (Yale Law '93) acclaimed: "Paul is one of the most brilliant legal minds that I have ever encountered."

On a more existential note, an article regarding Paul's multifarious life experiences was recently published in the Huffington Post. Of all the writings accomplished thus far, however, Paul is most proud of his recent paper on the Alaska Suicide Epidemic, entitled "Implications of the Werther Effect on the Suicide Epidemic in Alaska," a work lauded by one of the world's foremost experts on the subject.


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Paul composed a sixty-seven page paper entitled "Tea Parties and Abusive Sovereigns," which received national acclaim from some of the nation's foremost political intellectuals. In so doing, Hannan gained a national respect for his intellectual capabilities and writing acumen. It may have actually been used by Ted Cruz prior to the development of his own IRS abolition scheme. Of particular interest is Paul's expansive knowledge of diverse subject matters and the highly divergent thinking applied to his treatment of the same. While this paper is, in essence, a political manifesto, Paul covers -- and to an extensive degree -- economics and law as well.


When faced with a law professor who staunchly opposed governmental intervention programs for pre-k intervention, and believing that his views on the subject were to some extent erroneous, Paul sought to disabuse him of his errors, and thus dove deeply into the issue, uncovering the work of Nobel laureate economist James Heckman, who -- utilizing statistical data from two famous pre-k studies -- makes a compelling economic case for the effectuality of pre-k intervention. And while my professors grade can best be described as patently unfriendly, I was able to discover important facts that even Nobel laureate Heckman had yet to uncover. For instance, (1) how there is a negative pressure effect on the IQ's of inner city blacks, and (2) that the infamous war on drugs creates a confounding influence on the crime reduction data for pre-k; the most significant outcome effect Congress assesses when deliberating the extent of further funding for pre-K.


After achieving an admirable level of expertise in numerous disparate fields Paul has, in the realm of career development, gained invaluable experience along the way. From being an Encyclopaedia sales prodigy at the age of 19, where he rented a oceanside condominium in the same building as Congressman, now Senator Edward Markey from Massachusetts, to being one of Sprint's highest revenue producers in that company's history. Subsequently, in a patent change of venue, Paul was hailed as a legal prodigy by his Yale Law trained Dean, who stated "Paul is one of the most brilliant legal minds I have ever encountered." His multifarious career experiences are perhaps best summarized in Paul's recent Huffington Post article, which is offered below.

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Having founded and run 6 successful companies in as many disparate industries, I have a considerable degree of advertising experience under my belt. Moreover, as one of Sprint's most accomplished telecommunications marketers in that company's history, I traveled the nation promoting the affinity group I developed from scratch, one that generated upwards of $300,000 per month in revenue. In that capacity, I created highly effective newspaper advertisements, radio commercial, and direct mailers.

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