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Charles H. is a successful coach of football and soccer at the high school level. He has five years experience creating sports-related blog and article content. In that time, he's operated a football-centric blog and provided expert analysis and content for He has also studied health and fitness practices coinciding with team sports, as well as the principles of motivation and leadership. In addition, Charles has eight years experience in fiction writing. He has written novels in short stories in several genres, including mystery, crime, romance, and adventure fantasy. Through revision of his own and others' works he has accumulated expertise in proofreading and editing.


Team sports, Health, Fitness, Fiction writing, Motivation, Leadership


Team sports, Fiction writing, Music, Painting, Literature, Film, Finance


Clemson University

Charles H. Graduated from Clemson University in May 2014 with a B.S. in Business Management. He studied business with a special emphasis in entrepreneurship and startups as well as completed a minor in athletic leadership.


12 Projects Completed

Charles H. is a former football player and current high school football coach. In the last five years he's used that experience to start a football-centric blog as well as provide article content for He specializes in providing insight and analysis of the actual game of football, including breaking down plays, detailing personnel, and simplifying the game for the common fan. His blog includes varied topics such as new recruit profiles, draft breakdowns and projections, and game recaps.


12 Projects Completed

Charles H. has spent the last five years writing about the Virginia Tech Hokies. Most of that writing has come primarily in the form of article content. While he also has experience writing blog posts and Twitter posts, Charles has had the most success combining his engaging voice and expertise in the form of full-fledged articles. In these articles he's written about personnel, game analysis, and strategy breakdowns pertaining to the sport of football.

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