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Sabrina R. is a law school graduate with experience in immigration, family and criminal law. She has been working in immigration for the past six months and has compiled numerous petitions and application in that time. Furthermore, she has written legal briefs and memorandum in each of these areas of law, though she is currently focusing on immigration law.

In addition to her legal experience, she has an interest in community service and environmental issues. She put her interest to use by blogging for a local environmental club on the inter-sectional nature of native Hawaiian plants, their cultural significance, as well as club events related to conservation.
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Sabrina R. specializes in the area of law, specifically immigration issues and social justice. Sabrina R. has written numerous persuasive memorandum in the area of immigration law with success. She has also studied feminist issues as well as the intersection of race and ethnic culture in the modern age. Furthermore, she has, with other like-minded individuals, worked to change local policies surrounding issues of sexual violence in the community.


Sabrina R. enjoys arts and crafts, in all their many and varied forms. From sculpting polymer clay to sketching comic book characters, she has tried just about all conventional arts and crafts and works on projects in her free time.

She also enjoys reading genre novels and comic books. She is an avid fan of titles from the two big houses of Marvel and DC, as well as Image Comics. She will not try to list all her favorite titles here.

Her hobbies also include video gaming on a regular basis. She is familiar with the mechanics of RPGs, MMORPGs and Moba games in particular.

Sabrina R. is also interested in the nuances of health and beauty. She's currently working her way through the various steps of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, testing Korean and Japanese products against Western products. It's a process.

In addition, Sabrina R. has an extensive background in martial arts. She reached black belt ranking in the martial art style Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan at the age of 17 and has since tried out several different styles.


University of Hawaii at Manoa

Sabrina R. studied business marketing which included standard coursework such as economics, accounting, as well as the advanced subject matter of marketing. Sabrina R.'s focus in business school was online marketing, specifically the use of blogs, social media, and the use of programs such as Google Analytics to maximize market penetration and saturation.

William S. Richardson School of Law

Sabrina R.'s course work included the standards of the legal field, with extensive focus on the nuances of legal writing and research. In addition to those mainstays, she took part in Defense Clinic which allowed her to represent as the defense counsel real clients in court.

Green Living

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Sabrina R's work in this field focused on ethnobotany, the study of culture and plants. She conducted research and wrote a weekly blog for a University club. The blog was about native Hawaiian plants and animals and the significance of each species in the Hawaiian culture, historically and in present day. The blog also updated the club members about new events related to the club.

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Sabrina R. researched and wrote blog posts with a focus on ethnobotany. She was the primary contributor to the blog, which was for a local environmental club. The blog was primarily to build interest in conservation of native Hawaiian plants and to update members on the events in the club.

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