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Taylor has always had a passion for storytelling and creative writing. From a young age, she has enjoyed finding her voice and making words pop on the page. Taylor's experience varies from press releases to screen plays. Taylor has kept up a travel blog, promoted community events, and is currently developing content for a non-profit website.


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While interning for Nevette Previd Consulting, Taylor wrote copy for events held on Martha's Vineyard. She worked closely with a series of events called Farm.Field.Sea where guests were taken on a culinary immersive tour of Martha's Vineyard. Taylor enjoys the challenge of making a reader feel as if they have been to the places on a page and loves being able to write creatively.

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Taylor kept up a creative nonfiction blog where she documented her travels throughout Europe. She enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods and getting lost in foreign cities. Taylor enjoys describing details and believes every person has a story. While actively blogging, she learned the art of telling engaging stories while intertwining factual information.

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