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Warren B
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Warren B. is a creative writer, and that also means he's a creative thinker. Naturally, he writes a lot of fiction. That creative thinking, though, equips him with the mindset necessary to tackle writing tasks like game-play design. He writes for the screen and has experience and education in film and video production; he understands how the written word works as a building block for an immersive final product, such as a game or video.

Warren B. is a copywriter, as well. He wrote a full year of weekly newsletters for a driver education company; he has experience writing for consumers.

Warren B. keeps his writing tools sharp and ready to use. He organizes a weekly flash-fiction group in Houston, so that his writing mind is always working, even on days when there's not much writing work.
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Screen/Script writing, game design and campaign arcs, copy-writing, and creative fiction.


Science-fiction and fantasy genres, role-playing games (both tabletop and LARP), film and television, health and fitness.


Chapman University, Dodge College of Film

Warren B. loves movies. Loves everything about them, mostly because of all the layers the medium offers in telling a good story (although sometimes, it's mostly about explosions). So, he decided he wanted to learn all about what goes into making movies so he could do it himself, and he spent four years at a great college to could do just that. Four years learning all about the various stages of making a film taught him a real appreciation for where it all begins: the script. A bad movie can be made out of a good script, but a good movie can't come from a bad script. He loves writing, and decided to take more classes on it, and found that his very active imagination was real asset for writing. His screenwriting teacher even compared him to Robert Zemeckis.


4 Projects Completed

Warren B. has a lot of experience writing for the screen, and has written several short scripts that were selected by classmates in college to be made into short films. He can adapt stories and ideas into a script format, adjusting story and pacing to be appropriate for the medium of film and/or television.


2 Projects Completed

Warren B. helped write several books for Driver Ed in a Box, a parent-taught driver education course. He has experience in writing information in a way that is informative and simple enough to digest.


2 Projects Completed

Warren B. has spent three years as Storyteller for a Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP) game called Dystopia Rising. As a storyteller, he writes out modules (game events) for the players to experience. This includes simple, one-off adventures, as well as longer story-lines played out over several events.

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Warren B. writes his own blog, mostly featuring his own works of fiction. Occasionally, he will also write about a personal experience, or just share some thoughts of his.

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